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Meet Our Talent 

Professional headshots courtesy of HotShots by Christine Petit. 


Adrienne J

Account Management | Sales Enablement | Customer Success | Business Development | Training | Marketing

Account Manager who builds meaningful relationships that deepen understanding of client needs and grow revenue. Uses a strength in connecting and communicating clearly to succeed in diverse industries, from highly-regulated financial services to IT and Education. Experience guiding new product launches honed a strength in translating customer needs into product enhancements, ensuring customer success.

Alecia R

User Experience Designer

Customer service professional seeking to pivot to User Experience Design role after completing my Master's in Information Design

Alexandra S.

Program Development / Social Responsibility

Program Director in the field of Sustainable Development with a strong background in internal and external communications. Global professional providing expertise in compliance with Sustainable Development Goals. Experience in compiling the data and research needed to support innovative purpose-driven program development. Skilled in creating successful measures that allow for program monitoring and evaluation.

Alicia P

Creative Content Writer/Producer

Results-focused creative professional with expertise in storytelling, developing content, scriptwriting and supervising all elements of producing short and long-format. Proficient in following projects through from concept to final release. Proven leader with ability to oversee a team and distribute assignments to meet strict deadlines. Thrives independently and collaboratively. Possess critical decision-making strengths with dexterity in interviewing/directing on set and in the field as well as supervising post-production.

Amena I.

Commercial Investment - Finance

Financial Professional with diverse industry experience gained in Asia, USA and UK. Indepth experience in Commercial Investment and Risk Analysis. Widely regarded as a conceptual long-range thinker with an innate ability to immediately assess challenging problems/issues. Implements quick resolution with innovative, independent thinking and by building consensus with stakeholders. Thrives on developing people to excellence.

Andrea H


Seeking a position as a Healthcare Manager with an organization whose goal is to provide a culture of excellence that will positively affect the patient’s experience.

Ann Marie S.

Architectural Designer & Drafter

Talented designer and drafter with experience in a wide range of projects. I enjoy meeting with clients from conceptual design through project completion. Keen eye for space planning, room flow, aesthetics, fixture and furniture layouts.

Ashley A


Dedicated police detective with experience in investigating youth crimes, crime scene processing, community outreach presentations, knowledgeable in criminal law. Liason between Westport Board of Education, DCF, JRB and Juvenile Court. Member of the Norwalk multidisciplinary team and Internet crimes against children Connecticut.

Ashley B


Accounting and Finance professional with diverse industry-specific knowledge that cuts across many sectors: manufacturing, insurance, health, and non-profit. Expertise in Non-Profit Development and Management from extensive board work. Proven success using financial fluency and executive leadership to drive business excellence.

Ashley M.


I am a professional who has spent the past twelve years as an English, Journalism, and Yearbook teacher, with additional experience as a social media manager. I am an ambitious and dedicated individual and offer many skills that can fit in a variety of occupations. In my careers, I have been in charge of developing creative and engaging curriculum components and brand design, providing thorough instruction and communication, managing diverse groups, and annually developing / editing the publication of the school yearbook. I also have strong skills with various technological platforms. I am proficient in Google and Microsoft applications, editing/publishing programs like eDesign / InDesign, editing applications such as Adobe / Canva, and various social media platforms. I consider myself an efficient multi-tasker and a strong problem-solver, exhibiting professionalism in all things I am involved in (whether it be independent or as a team). These are altogether essential skills I would carry over into any job position.

Bessie V

Human Resources

Skilled professional with ten years of experience in human resources, finance, and strategic planning at UTC (now Raytheon). Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Active civic leader for the past 18 years. Looking to relaunch my professional career in Human Resources.

Bevin D.

Brand Marketing & Communications

As an accomplished marketing and communication executive with 20 plus years of experience, I am dedicated to helping companies build the marketing muscle needed to drive impact. With a focus on customer-centricity, talent development, data analysis, and technology adoption, I build, lead, and mentor high-performing teams focused on generating brand affinity, audience engagement, and bottom-line results. Drawing on my deep understanding of customer psychology, I create effective multi-channel brand campaigns yielding tangible business outcomes. Whether repositioning brands, serving as a strategic advisor to C-level executives, or building modern digital ecosystems, I am committed to inspiring creativity, challenging the status quo, and making positive change.

Bharathi S

Electrical Engineering Masters Graduate with Energy Systems Specialization

Master of Science graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an energy systems specialization. Using excellent problem-solving skills, I identify, analyze, and solve problems creatively and effectively. I have hands-on experience in designing and testing electrical systems, on projects like circuit design, control systems, and signal processing. Currently, I'm exploring automation testing, and Python programming and am always eager to learn new skills and technologies to stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Bhavna S

Talent Acquisition, Business Development, Business Partner, Client Management, Public Relations

I have 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition in diverse industries. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon , Deutsche Bank, MetLife Insurance, Cisco Systems , Cree Semiconductor etc.
I have experience leading and mentoring large teams, business development, client relationships, training Hiring Managers , streamlining broken talent management processes.

Bridge L

Team Leadership/ Testing/ Manufacturing

A changemaker with a keen eye towards precision, standards and excellence. From bringing new teams together to pushing continual improvement, my people-centered approach builds value by ensuring products exceed efficiency goals and customer expectations. I am excited to apply my curiosity as well as my broad knowledge set in an operational role.

Bridget B

Communications Training, Learning Experience Developer

I am a Master Facilitator, with both Fortune 500 and University graduate-level experience in teaching and coaching highly engaging blended-learning experiences. An Adult Learning Expert who always adapts to the needs of the learner by drawing upon over 15 years of facilitation and instructional design for both facilitated and e-learning courses. An expert and creative presenter with a unique knack for making the complex simple.

Carla D.

STEM Professional | Ed Tech Writer

Transitioning back into the scientific community in laboratory research roles offering stability, new challenges, and professional growth. Two plus years experience as a biotechnology research associate. Seven years contributing to secondary education. Currently working freelance editing papers for PhDs. Bachelor’s in Biology.