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You bring skills and experience the work world will value!

Returning to your caliber or pivoting to your potential is a process - we've mapped it out. Our 3-prong approach includes growing your network, skilling UP for in-demand fields, and stepping back on your  time-table.  It takes support, we've gathered  the right resources.

You  choose how to engage with and leverage - as well as add value to - the UP Community .

Which plan works best for you?

Your journey is unique. You may simply want to share in the camraderie of our network, hit a key skillUP event or may be you want to re-assess your go-to-market strategy.  We deliver programmatic support that meets you where you are in your work-life journey. 

Whichever way you participate, Untapped Potential wants to make sure your skills and experience get the visibility they deserve.

Let's nagivate this together!

Ready to engage in your return-to-work journey...


    Explore your potential for FREE! Join in AD HOC.
    Free Plan
    • Explore your return-to-work journey with peers!
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • For Free and For Fee Events.
    • Become a passive member of our Talent Pool!
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    GUIDED (Monthly)

    Every month
    Leverage our community and programs to yield your potential!
     14 day free trial
    • Everything in FREE plus...
    • 1:1 with Career Re-Entry Expert
    • Peer Support
    • Stepwise Return-to-work Program
    • "To Do" List
    • Skill Assessment Tools
    • Networking & Negotiating Advice
    • Mentor Access
    • Industry Networking Events
    • Discounts to Fee Events, SkillUP and Services
    • Partner Discounts
    • Active Talent Pool Member

    My scenario is unique. I want customized support!
    • Understand my unique scenario
    • Peer Accountability Partner
    • Customized plan for your Launch (MAP 4U)
    • Industry Mentor Assigned
    • UP Profile Creation Tools and Review
    • 2 Sessions with a Career Re-entry Expert
    • Discounts to Fee Events and Services (UP & Partners)
    • Conversion of UP Profile to Resume
    • Promotion of UP Profile to UP Pledging Partner Clients
    • Services to curate roles based on your credentials


Your vision of your second stage career. We'll dig deep to create the YOU you want to bring to market.


You DRAFT the facts of your Resume, your UP Community brings it to life as a Profile that overcomes bias returners face.


Elevator Pitch anyone? Gain the confidence needed to share your go-to-market pitch with CEO's!


80% of jobs are acquired by networking, you contribute to and benefit from a curated network of Industry Mentors.

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Join with confidence.

We want you to get the support you need. If, for any reason, our offering no longer serves you, cancel prior to the next billing cycle.

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