Creating the flexibility needed to balance your career and your family. 

We are an innovation economy driven by human capital.  In 2015, sitting in a room of  women with graduate degrees and professional experience, yet un-engaged in the workplace - I realized there was a loss in economic value - value to business, to our Nation's GDP and to women.  That loss is "Untapped Potential" - my ah-ha moment.


Delving into the topic, issues of gender equity, diversity and worklife balance were hot in workplace news. Problems that need to be solved. However, I learned that a number of driving forces are in play today to enable a solution:


  • Women out-pace men in education and make up 51% of the entering workforce.  There is a growing movement of solidarity: Women supporting women.

  • Part-time, flexible opportunities can exist. The freelance economy is here.  

  • Mid-Career Internships, growing exponentially in Europe and the Banking Industry, offer an example of the benefits experienced from bringing women back. 

  • Re-educating is easier now more than ever thanks to short course nano-degrees and online learning.  


Leveraging these dynamics, Untapped Potential can prepare you for your next career shift. By changing the way businesses find and keep talent, we offer a stepping stone to re-enter at your caliber with the flexibility and control you need.


Untapped Potential encourages us all to re-examine how time spent caring for our next generation is viewed.  Whether it be 1 year or 10, we value the path of Motherhood on a woman's career roadmap. It is a rich experience full of personal growth, yet relatively short in duration compared to one's career span.  When it's time to pivot, we will help that talented individual fit today's workplace.

Piloted in Hartford County,  we serve candidates nationally with our on-line and remote support to return to their caliber.

Our path in life is winding, with peaks and valleys and changes in direction along the way.  It requires flexibility and adaptability. Traits businesses have always wanted from their employees.  And traits we now need from businesses in return.  Let's find a match!

Video by Emily Sullivan Barger

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