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Keely M.

Nonprofit Leadership & Social Change Agent


Leader in building environments for communities to thrive, leveraging existing resources and developing partnerships to holistically address critical social, educational, and health issues. Expert in needs analysis, root-cause problem solving, & creative advancement innovation.

Key Skills & Competencies

•Rapport Building with full range of personalities & backgrounds
•Business Needs Assessment & Coaching
•Employee Management- recruiting, coaching, strategic placement, assessment
•Learning & Development- employee growth path development, training program & content creation, standard practice development
•Internal Communications- creation/development, cross-departmental translation, copywriting
•Developing Strategic Community Partnerships, Collaboration & Outreach
• Needs Assessment, Impact Program Development, Program Management & Implementation
• Fundraising & Grant writing
• Advocacy & Lobbying Policymakers
• Reporting & Metric Analysis
• Corporate Social Responsibility Program Development & Compliance
• Analyzing Budgets & Applying Data
• Public Speaking, Plain Language, & Speaking Points Writing
• Multicultural Intelligence

Professional Experience

Regional Growth Director/ Untapped Potential, Connecticut - 6 months (Current)
Expanded business and candidate reach to Fairfield County within Connecticut, as well as additional major metropolitan hubs
such as Dallas. Worked with corporate and nonprofit decision makers to identify their functional and
expansion needs, & identified and secured key talent to meet those needs. Mentored top tier talent returning
to the workforce to secure high caliber roles that reflect their level of skills & experience. Collaborated with
community partners to raise awareness of the barriers preventing women from returning to the workforce and
to implement programs to break down these barriers.

Founder/CEO/ Care Curators, Fairfield, CT- 8 months (Current- in transition)
Founded Care Curators to coordinate supportive therapies for children in response to families’ desire to
support their children’s mental health- particularly for children with medical special needs- as the process can
be prohibitively overwhelming and time consuming. I help families navigate finding and accessing specialists
that fit the family’s needs, availability, insurance, budget, & personality.
Through this, I created a community network promoting access to expressive/creative arts therapies and other
supportive therapies for all families, moving forward equitable and sustainable movements for creative
therapeutic services available to children outside of institutionalized settings. I am transitioning this referral
network and strategy into an employee benefits model, with the information to be acquired by leading
employee benefit groups.

Senior Development Manager / March of Dimes, Northeast Market- 5 years
Senior-level manager role improving the health of moms and babies. Development & fundraising for full budget and targeted programs, primarily in Connecticut. (Responsible for 1M+ portfolio.) Developed corporate & community relationships, as well as mobilized key executives, policymakers, young professionals, and youth, to create opportunities for engagement & support for March of Dimes. Collaborated on and grew impact initiatives such as Every Woman Connecticut, Bridgeport Prospers Baby Bundle, & March of Dimes Supportive Pregnancy Care Training Institute. Updated CRM data entry points nationally for refined reporting capabilities. Improved P&L reporting practices nationally for more accurate records & more accurate ROI analysis.

Special Events Manager / Easter Seals Goodwill Industries, New Haven, CT 2.5 years
Structured & re-organized effective and impactful development program. Overhauled major events with the goal of further growing department revenue, diversified to ensure reliable revenue sources, increased awareness of community programs, and streamlined creative utilization of limited resources to meet agency goals. Established internship program. (Responsible for $500K portfolio.) Oversaw transition to new CRM, from vetting to implementation to employee training.

Special Event Specialist / Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, NYC- 3 months (contract)
Contract for short term position supporting large scale fundraising event (Support on 800+ young professional guests, $300K). Supply/resource management, volunteer coordination & training for 125+ volunteers, donor relations, & data compilation & analysis. Updated event tracking metrics and sheets for cleaner tracking and follow up.

Certified Child Life Specialist / Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT- 4 years
Facilitated the expansion of the Child Life program hospital-wide, including medical imaging, outpatient clinic, and supporting Child First Bridgeport, working with various agencies to ensure that families and children are connected with needed services. Provided direct Child Life services to pediatric patients and families, including play therapy, procedure support, and diagnosis education. Planned & implemented hospital-wide events, including public relations.

Community Experience

• Sterling Ski Club 2021-2022 Board of Directors: Recording Secretary, member for 10 years
• March of Dimes Action Committee member- advocacy, fundraiser logistics, sponsorship, community outreach
• Every Woman Connecticut member- coalition participant, advocacy, community needs assessment, community partner collaboration
• JDRF volunteer- events, sponsorship, community outreach, advocacy


Certificate in Development & Fundraising / New York University, NYC
Accelerated post-graduate certification.

Bachelor of Science, Social Work, Family & Child Studies / New York University, NYC
Undergraduate degree in Social Work, including interships with multiple inner city nonprofits. Minors in Music & Irish Studies

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

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