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Samantha H.

Sales & Account Manager / Retail Specialist


Highly driven and experienced business professional with a proven track record of increasing sales, leading a successful team and building customer relationships. With a background in all aspects of retail - on the sales floor, management, operations, buying and strategy, through to wholesale operations and selling to retail buyers, I have a unique perspective that garners trust and respect - leading to successful partnerships. I am efficient, organized and an excellent communicator, thrive in a collaborative environment, and am equally comfortable working on my own projects.

Key Skills & Competencies

Business Development
Sales Management
Customer Success
Cross-Functional Relationships
Customer Relationship Building
Time Management
Problem Solving
Highly Organized and Efficient
Tech Skills: Google Docs, Zoom, Microsoft Office, Social Media platforms

Professional Experience

Oversee all independent gourmet stores in CT and Western MA while representing 30+ manufacturers from the
housewares industry. Work on special projects and aid in increasing the number of vendors on Amazon channel in
partnership with one of the largest 3P sellers in the country. Serving as a contractor for the company, and dealing
with all facets of the business as my own. Negotiate terms and influence decision-making for accounts.
♦ Promote presence of vendors in stores, process orders, improve relations between vendor and retailer, and notify
retailers of all product and pricing updates obtained from vendors by organizing sales meetings and visiting
♦ Keeping abreast of vendor and customer needs by utilizing keen organizational and time management expertise.
♦ Evaluate and respond to inquiries and complaints faced by vendors and customers in prompt manner.
♦ Nurturing positive growth and change by advocating for vendors and retailers within housewares industry.
♦ Analysis and fulfillment of client needs, resulting in opening and growing new accounts in territory.
♦ Onboarded a subscription box program led by industry-leading magazine, Taste of Home, providing a unique
placement opportunity to vendors.

GENERAL MANAGER - Cookshop Plus, West Hartford CT. 5 years.
Executed tasks of supervising staff, scheduling day-to-day operations, governing accounting aspects, and maintaining supplier
relationships. Served as liaison to improve customer engagements while fostering brand loyalty and awareness.
Employed business management tactics to undertake responsibilities of inventory planning and regulation, cash processing,
invoicing, and workforce recruitment.
♦ Facilitated in creating a new business from inception through to opening of the store, to now a successful small
business generating $1M in sales per year.
♦ Created high efficiency within enterprise by spearheading monthly accounts, supplier and tax payments, wage
reporting, and general cash flow accounting.
♦ Maintained high-caliber employees in enterprise by supervising recruitment, training, and scheduling personnel.
♦ Executed duties associated with social media and marketing management, including scheduling and organizing
interviews, establishing contacts with media representatives, and creating media plans over various mediums
(radio, television, print and social media).
♦ Performed copywriting and in-store photography for business social media channels.
♦ Acted as a general manager to manage overall business operations whilst serving other arms of the business.
♦ Met health department and company standards on routine basis to protect organizational resources and reputation.
♦ Gained in-depth understanding of elements of business from conception to execution to attain top productivity

OWNER / BOOKKEEPER - The Clever Keep, Farmington CT. 4 Years.
Administered business bookkeeping, including tracking income and expenses, processing payrolls and completing
accounts payable duties. Performed bookkeeping for companies that generated 1M+ in sales.
♦ Completed transaction grouping, expense categorization, receipt organization, and accounts monthly reporting.
♦ Informed customers on current state of business and advised on ways to enhance profit margins on monthly basis.
♦ Communicated with customers in courteous way regarding offered services and subsequently grew clientele.
♦ Gained and retained customer trust and confidence, and commended for providing top-tier customer experiences.

GENERAL MANAGER - Cookshop Plus, Bowral NSW, Australia. 3 Years
Implemented helpful business strategies for leading and delegating appropriate tasks to staff, managing customers,
contacting suppliers, procuring stock, selecting inventory, and monitoring online store. Steered remarkable efforts
to complete duties of daily operations and employee general manager. Evaluated day-to-day performance of functional
teams and cultivated positive work environment to reduce staff turnover.
♦ Acquired record-setting sales and profits figures while serving as general manager.
♦ Elevated financial performance of company by overseeing monthly accounts, quarterly reporting and reconciliations,
tax office payments, wages and salaries, and general cash flow accounting.
♦ Arranged quarterly television advertising campaigns for business in conjunction with production companies, suppliers,
and local television stations.

Community Experience


Bachelor of Business Administration - Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

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