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Natalie S.

Business Operations Management


Business Operations Manager with a background in construction insurance and general contracting. Uses attention to detail, organization, team building skills and process-oriented mindset to excel in diverse corporate, administrative, and non-profit environments. Excellent communication skills and ability to learn quickly ensure timely goal realization and were a key factor in rapid-rise from administrator to junior executive in specialty insurance.

Key Skills & Competencies

Business Operations Management, Project Management, Document Editing/Proofreading for accuracy & compliance
General Contracting, Specialty Insurance, Surety Bonds
Fundraising, Development, Special Events
Tech skills: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PPT); Quick to adapt to multiple forms and data entry systems

Professional Experience

----Additional Relevant Experience----

Community Experience


Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Russian (Spanish & Political Science), University of Connecticut | Storrs, CT

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

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