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Nora C.

Project Management


Project Management professional with 15 years of experience with change management and product development in an international environment.

Experience developing IT certification products, courses, and accreditation programs. Thrives in roles when counted on to translate a strategy into actionable execution. For example, designing and implementing new and improved business processes, or designing, producing, and launching a new product. As a team leader, known for being able to adapt management style to the needs of team members.

Key Skills & Competencies

Project Management | Problem Solving Abilities | Persuasion | Flexibility | Written Communication | Web Design | Finance
Soft skills: Relationship building, lifelong learner, diligence
Hard skills: SQL (beginner), accounting (intermediate)

Professional Experience

Bard (Chatbot), Google, remote | 4 months
Freelance Contractor
Support the refinement of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Model for the Dutch platform. Review conversational generative AI responses for accuracy and sense.

IT Governance, Ely, England, UK | 2 yrs
Head of IBITGQ Qualifications
Designed the accreditation requirements and process for the accreditation of prospective training providers.
--Launched this process with a training provider in the Middle East.
--Designed and implemented a maintenance process, focusing on data analysis of exam data.
--Developed new course and exam programs in cooperation with a number of English subject matter experts and a German exam platform.

EXIN, Utrecht, Netherlands | 12 Years
Global company that certifies IT professionals in 165 countries and provides accreditation to organizations in the field of ICT training.
Team Manager - Accreditation and Customer Services
--Managed a complete overhaul of the accreditation of training providers, changing the requirements they had to met and streamlining the process they had to go through to get accredited.
--Wrote the plan for the new IT platform that was needed to transform the accreditation process into a completely online process.
--Started the implementation of the new process and requirements at regional offices in Spain, Japan and Brazil.

Team Manager - Exam Development
--Designed and implemented improvements to the database management processes to improve the time to market of the exam products and the sustainability of the database management team.
--Designed and implemented maintenance processes to improve the shelf life of existing products.
--Developed a new IT course and exam program in cooperation with a German certification body and an international group of subject matter experts.
--Developed a new IT course and exam in cooperation with Microsoft, with an American group of subject matter experts.
--Localized a number of IT exams in cooperation with international groups of subject matter experts.

Community Experience

Stream Monitoring, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy
Biannually participate in stream monitoring events in the region, identifying and counting the macroinvertebrates in local streams, collecting data for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
Amphibian Monitoring, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy
Monitor the local frog population, on a weekly basis, providing data to the national FrogWatch USA database.


MBA, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri
MA, English Language and Culture, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
BA, English Language and Culture, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Other Certifications:
Digital Product Management Specialization, (Agile & Scrum components) University of VA via Coursera
Currently taking: Data Analytics Professional Certificate from Google via Coursera

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

itSMF Nederland Innovation Award - For the development of the IT exam program. itSMF is an international organization of IT Service Management Professionals

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