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Diane M.

Database Marketing Analyst


Strategic database analyst who provides actionable insights to support go-to market strategies. A creative problem-solver with deep skill in various database and analytical tools. Leveraging multi-industry experience to help nonprofits acquire, retain and engage community members and donors.

Key Skills & Competencies

SQL | SAS | SPSS | Oracle | Advanced MS Excel & Access, MS-Office 365 & PowerPoint | Business Objects | Decision Trees | Data Mining | Delta Graphics | Atlas GIS MapInfo | Database Modeling, Marketing, and Statistics across various industries | Project Management.

Professional Experience

IQ Works
Database Marketing Analyst Consultant
• Integral part of the design and development of Oracle database and reporting solutions for global reinsurance and financial group.
• Responsible for quality assurance of database tables and reports.
• Developed functional and technical specs for inputs and outputs for reporting database.
• Architected, developed, and executed custom automated financial reports.
• Produced technical documentation for automation of financial reports.
• Developed SQL queries to create reports and validate data.

New York Times
Senior Analyst in Consumer Insights Department
• Analyzed reports of digital acquisition, usage and retention and provided insights and marketing strategies to management.
• Developed, executed, and analyzed SQL queries for digital reporting.
• Responsible for quality assurance of queries and reports.

The New York Times, NY
Database Marketing Manager / Consumer Marketing Knowledge Management Group
• Managed a team of analysts to support the analytical needs of consumer marketing department and its acquisition, retention, loyalty, and market development efforts.
• Executed database audits, designed customer profiling, modeling, and reporting structures to identify customer segments for internal and external clients.
• Created standards around analysis and delivery of customized reporting to internal clients.
• Managed and collaborated with vendors on data modeling needs.
• Supported the analytic needs across departments.
Young & Rubicam / Wunderman Cato Johnson Partnership, NY
Senior Analyst / Database Marketing Operations & Analysis
• Provided effective marketing strategies for clients through analyses of client database.
• Analyses included database audits, scrubbing data, performing trend analysis, developing customer profiling, and defining trade areas. Clients include YMCA, AT&T, SONY, Citibank, Mattel, Xerox, Ford, H&R Block, and Philip Morris.

MBS / Multimode, NY
Statistical Analyst / Strategic Marketing
• Developed and validated models to increase direct mail responses for clients.
• Created customer profiles using demographic, psychographic, and US Census data.
• Conducted media analysis and trade area analysis to recommend new store locations.
• Ran descriptive and inferential statistics such as t-tests, correlation analysis, crosstabs, etc., for the purpose of data analysis. Clients included: Tiffany’s, Bloomingdales, SAKS Fifth Avenue, Mondi, and Jenny Craig.
• Created PowerPoint Presentations with visual and graphical presentation of data and formulated insights and marketing strategies based on findings.
• Clients included: Tiffany’s, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Coach, and others retail upscale retail clients.

The Center for Organizational Excellence, NY
Consultant, Market Research Division
• Conducted research, organized data / surveys, provided statistical analyses, modeled data, and provided reports & presentations for clients (AT&T, Avon, Pass & Seymore Legrand).

Hofstra University, NY
Graduate Assistant, Research Assistant and Production Editor
• Trained graduate statistics Minitab computer lab courses and reviewed statistical concepts and formulas with students.
• Editor of the inaugural issue "The Psychology Major"; a newsletter published for undergraduates at Hofstra University.

British Airways, NY
Training Assistant/ Information Management
• Designed, developed, and maintained training database.
• Provided training to staff on various Microsoft Office Applications.
• Developed training material.
• Provided technical and training assistance in the Sales Force Automation program.
• Provided general PC support to users and provided one-on-one computer training to employees.
• Handled ad hoc requests for creating presentations.
• Automated workflow for various departments.
• Identified individual staffs’ technical training needs, recommended the appropriate curriculum, scheduled classes, and edited customized courses.

Italian American Federation
Program Assistant
• Assisted individuals with their specific immigration needs, such as Working Papers, Green Cards, Citizenship, etc.
• Aided customers with filling of foreign pensions.
• Managed scheduling of ELS Classes.
• Managed scheduling for Self Defense Classes.
• Organized annual events such as Columbus Day Parade and 5-K run to help fight drug abuse.
• Organized and scheduled all other cultural events.
• Registered students for soccer camps

Community Experience

• Published articles and healthy recipes for the website “Little Sweeter”; an organization that helps to build awareness of diabetes and healthy living among children and young adults. Also provided website design recommendation and marketing and business strategies.
• Provided marketing and business strategies to startup companies.
• Creator and Administrator of FB Group Page “Sicilian Cooking” and “Diane’s Savory Kitchen”
• Learning Leader for PS 79 Francis Lewis Elementary School
• PTA Member: organized and ran school fundraising events including: Graduation Committee, Holiday School Events and School Store
• Provided Catering Services for Fundraiser Events at a Local Church, Schools and Cultural Organizations.
• NYS Paraprofessional License


Hofstra University: Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
St. John’s University: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Italian.

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

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