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We click with some people immediately and struggle with others. The ability to understand other people’s styles is a critical factor in communication success. Founding partners of The Bolder Company present an introductory DiSC Personality Type session.  

You will learn key concepts and tools you can apply right away to support your entrepreneurial goals.

Presented by TD Bank Business Leadership Series.

Presenters: Ellen Ornato/Jenny Drescher, The Bolder Company

To R...

Join UP to discuss networking techniques with guest speaker, Deb Krawiec, Principal Career Management Consultant, Arrow Career Consulting, LLC.  

Grab a coffee in the comfort of your home and gather with UP peers and mentors to discuss 'networking to your potential!'

Untapped Potential aims to get you out of your "Mom" world and into the professional world where you can grow your connections necessary to grow your professional potential. Learn how effective networking c...

Is owning a franchise right for you? Michael Rosen, President, FranNet of Connecticut and Rhode Island will present an informative webinar. We will discuss motivations to own a business; an overview of the franchise industry; myths and realities; building your personal business model and how to find the right fit.

Grab your lunch in the comfort of your home and learn if a franchise is for you.

Click here to Register.

Tuesday, April 7th

11:30 am-12:30 pm

Virtual via: G...

Many of UP’s Candidates opted-out prior to the widespread industry adoption of LinkedIn. While signing up and entering your info might seem pretty straight forward,  many feel like there must be a ‘right way’ to get started.

We welcome our Speaker, Trish McGrath, A Certified Career Transition Coach who specializes in overcoming employment barriers.  She’ll share her tips and tricks using LinkedIn for those considering their return-to-work. She’ll cover:...

Stay connected and engage virtually. 

Join UP for our 'Me Time' Telecon. This evening's call will focus on

Getting LinkedIN Ready.

Come join us!

From 9:00 pm to 9:45pm. 

Call in (605) 475-4813,,,,513005

Untapped Potential is a virtual first company. We use zoom for screen share, meetings, etc. Now, our Candidates are doing virtual interviews with our Pledging Partner companies.

Not familiar with zoom? Here are our key tips for the set up for your best presentation...

1. Ensure natural light is on you, not at your back.

Avoid presenting this view.


Sit facing a window with natural light and put your laptop between you and the window.

Add light from other angles to supplemen...

Supporting our nation's caregivers back-to-work with confidence.

Hear UP's founder, Candace Freedenberg, share her tried and true "Market Attack Plan 4U" or (MAP 4U) in a skillUP online presentation.

Based on the processes used for launching new products and services in the marketplace at Fortune 100 Companies and start-up ventures, this practical guide will provide you with the mindset and tactics to market your branded product or service or more particularly, to market YOU for the career you want! 

Grab  your lunch in the comfort o...

Stay-At-Home Moms, join UP to discuss your return-to-work… 

Grab a coffee in the comfort of your home and gather with UP peers and mentors to discuss 'tapping into your potential!' We welcome John Jaramillo, Leadership and Development Coach, focusing on our Candidates objectives. Stay-at-home moms and others wanting to pivot to their potential benefit from his advice.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

10 - 11:30 am

Via Zoom

Tune into our Tuesday Telecon! 

You’ll also have the opportunity to practice your elevator pitch, get feedback from your peers and get expert advice from a Mentor on the call. 

Tuesday’s from 11:30am to 12:15pm. 

Call in (605) 475-4813,,,,513005

Let us know if you can make it...

Engage your little one and get their support for your Data Analytics  skillUP adventure.

We have been working on telling our story, with our elevator pitch in order to return-to-work. In the past we used story telling to defining our own next chapter with the What, Where, When and How so you are the author of your second-stage career....

Now, apply Data Analytics to your story telling in this Saturday's class titled "Visual Story Telling".  Got kids? Your young ones can expl...

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