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skillUP with UNTAPPED POTENTIAL's custom-tailored courses designed for those returning to 
custom-tailored to your needs whether you are in your #returntowork journey or pivoting to your potential following caregiving.

Event-driven programming can be executed in 3-mini workUP''s or an accelerated one-time workshop. All sessions prepare you for upcoming Client-Candidate signature #returntowork events. 

Our expert instructors have a deep understanding of the current marketplace and the caregiver's challenges. It takes "work" and  preparation to launch a successful second-stage career. Work with Untapped Potential. We make it easy with 3 simple workUP's! You'll be well supported by peers, mentors and coaches along the way.

Let's navigate this together!

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Work UP workshop to Launch Your Career
If you miss the FREE workups, or want a refresher...
register in advance for the Accelerator. 


No upcoming events at the moment

Returner's Accelerator

Our Returner's Accelerator Workshop offers a comprehensive guide on the key steps to launch your career. We ensure that our workshop is tailored to meet your needs, so you can achieve success in your professional endeavors. Join us to receive expert guidance and support from our team of experienced professionals. Let us help you take the first step toward a bright future!  Register NOW

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