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Nidia M.

Registered Nurse


Registered nurse new graduate, with extensive clinical hours in acute, urgent care settings & crisis management skills. Seeking an RN position, where I can offer my compassionate care & varied clinical skills, by prioritizing plan of care, per evidenced-based practices, nurse diagnosis, patient goals & outcomes. My approach is to assess the efficacy of care provided, progress toward quality care & patient safety and work collaboratively with the inter-professional teams, patients & their families.

Key Skills & Competencies

Registered Nurse License # 196230, State of Connecticut
Registered Nurse License # 847849, New York State
Basic Life Support (BLS) American Heart Association Certified
Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Certification
Infection Control Certification

Professional Experience


St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, N.Y.
Obtained health history, completed physical assessment, assessed for pain, & level of consciousness
Measured vital signs, apical pulse, oxygen saturation & assessed for orthostatic hypotension
Obtained daily weights, intake & output
Auscultated heart & lung sounds, identified abnormalities
Assessed abdominal, bowel sounds, & assisted with GI tube management
Obtained capillary blood samples for glucose testing
Performed oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal suctioning
Cared for patients that required close cardiac monitoring, on ventilator, provided tracheostomy care
Administered oral, injectable, IV push medications, as per doctor’s order
Monitored IV site & infusion, set up primary IV tubing (& piggyback), changed large volume IV bag, handled Alaris electronic infusion devise
Administered oxygen via a nasal cannula/oxygen mask, as per doctors’ orders
Obtained nurse report, read notes from EMR, & observed lab values
Documented nursing care in a timely manner using Meditech
Assisted in the ICU and ED
Observed & maintained skin integrity & performed wound care
Aided patient with urinary elimination & catheterized urinary bladder: intermittent and indwelling
Performed preoperative & postoperative nursing care
Cared for patients with degenerative diseases, aided with ambulation
Preformed post-mortem care with instructor, removed indwelling urinary catheter
Maintained aseptic & sterile technique, prepared sterile fields, prepackaged kits, & drapes
Assisted patients with activities, turned & repositioned, range of motion, & personal hygiene care

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Valhalla, NY
Preformed health assessments, measured vital signs, intake & output, daily weights
Interpreted pain scales & provided atraumatic care of children/families
Cared for patients with neurological disorder, altered cognitive development, mobility & neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders
Performed oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal suctioning
Used age-appropriate language to communicate, ensured parent the best quality treatment
Surveilled of reportable signs & symptoms of suspected child abuse

St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY (Labor & Delivery/Nursery & NICU)
Completed assessments, vital signs, intake & output, blood glucose monitored to mothers
Assisted during labor, delivery & cesarean birth in the OR, and observed newborn APGAR testing
Observed lochia, assessed postpartum mother, & palpitated fundus
Administered oral, IV, & injection medications as per doctors’ orders
Applied pneumatic compression device, & monitored for cardiovascular changes
Performed newborn physical assessment, & vital signs
Provided patient education, & facilitated continuity of care following discharge

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Harrison, NY (Psychiatric Unit)
Measured & recorded vital signs; advocated for patient’s safety & needs. Maintained confidentiality
Demonstrated caring behaviors in the nursing role to individuals, with therapeutic communication
Performed therapeutic group activity with patients
Citibank, N.A., Brookfield, CT | 10 yrs
Commercial Banker
Assisted audits, daily branch operation. Managed tellers, personal bankers, and clients
Interacted with underwriters in coordinating rate quotes and pre-sale products for clients
Adhered to banks policy procedures & compliance; resolved client’s issues, promptly & effectively

Mount Sinai West, N.Y., N.Y., Samuels’s Clinic | 2 years
Secretary 2
Assisted physicians with consultation and radiology requests to various departments in the hospital
Handled preadmission testing, and other special procedures
Prepared pre-surgical consent forms and instructed patients as per doctors’ requests
Answered routine client’s questions, forwarded all medical questions to licensed staff
Complied with QA guidelines and regulations, including OSHA, HIPPA, etc.
Preformed patient data entry, demographics, registered & scheduled appointments/surgeries
Verified insurance, obtained referrals authorizations, and collected patients’ fees
Maintained disturbing patients with professionalism & composure under stress

Planned Parenthood of NYC Inc. Brooklyn, N.Y. | 5 years
Medical Assistant
Obtained patient’s vital signs, assisted HCP during termination of pregnancy, gynecological exams, STDs tests, birth control, and lab work and escorted to the recovery room, as per agency’s protocol
Educated patients with family planning, birth control & assisted with completion of medical forms
Adhered to sterile and aseptic techniques, prepared/handled specimens, and cultures for inspection by the physician for transportation to the laboratory
Packaged specimen(s) for outside lab transportation, overseen by on site licensed staff personnel
Operated autoclave. Maintained surgical & procedural medical instruments/equipment’s; cleaned instruments, exam rooms, and lab area
Assisted in the training of new staff by demonstration and observation of techniques and procedures
Attended in-services to maintain and increased knowledge of protocols and procedures
Met with organizational quality assurance guidelines and all government regulations, OSHA, HIPPA

Community Experience


B.S.N., Capella University, Expected graduation | May 2023
A.A.S.N. Cochran School of Nursing | May 2022

Other Experience/Awards/Publications

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