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Talent Profiles

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Jessica B.
Educator / Trainer

I am a professional passionate about technology, sports, and lifelong learning. I currently share these passions with my elementary aged students. In my classroom, students use technology to create, problem solve, share and build relationships. I emphasize creation over consumption. I have organized, improved resources and assisted in decision making processes for my district's Educational Technology department.

Through independent research and social media presence, I have gained a tremendous amount of resources to enhance our curriculum in which I share with my colleagues weekly. I have provided professional development both formally and informally for many educators on a variety of technology applications. I have also created videos to showcase whole school events for parents and community members to appreciate.

I am seeking opportunities where I can share my enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for technology applications.
Roshan Fathima M
Data Analyst

Data Analyst who collects, analyzes, and interprets large datasets to develop new data models and perform data analysis. Hardworking and passionate job seeker. Ready to help team achieve organizational goals. Extremely motivated to continuously develop current technical skills and grow professionally.
Denise J.
Operations Manager | Healthcare

Operations manager with healthcare systems expertise and a Masters in Healthcare Administration. Successfully leads teams and people management as well as implements or improves processes and procedures necessary to achieve efficiency.
Marinka N
Data & Analytics, Transformations, Change managdment & Business Development

Helping leaders and companies understand how to capture and transform their data to better server their clients, increase the effectiveness and efficiency and quality of their products & services, operations, communication and delivery.
Jessica Cu.
Product Management/Usability & User Research

I am an e-commerce professional with experience in product management, usability/user research, and digital marketing. I bring a unique perspective to product teams, blending my background in usability with my business experience as a product owner with P&L responsibility. An analytical thinker by nature, I offer a metrics-driven approach to optimizing conversion rates and meeting business goals.
Bevin D.
Brand Marketing & Communications

As an accomplished marketing and communication executive with 20 plus years of experience, I am dedicated to helping companies build the marketing muscle needed to drive impact. With a focus on customer-centricity, talent development, data analysis, and technology adoption, I build, lead, and mentor high-performing teams focused on generating brand affinity, audience engagement, and bottom-line results. Drawing on my deep understanding of customer psychology, I create effective multi-channel brand campaigns yielding tangible business outcomes. Whether repositioning brands, serving as a strategic advisor to C-level executives, or building modern digital ecosystems, I am committed to inspiring creativity, challenging the status quo, and making positive change.
Bharathi S
Electrical Engineering Masters Graduate with Energy Systems Specialization

Master of Science graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an energy systems specialization. Using excellent problem-solving skills, I identify, analyze, and solve problems creatively and effectively. I have hands-on experience in designing and testing electrical systems, on projects like circuit design, control systems, and signal processing. Currently, I'm exploring automation testing, and Python programming and am always eager to learn new skills and technologies to stay up-to-date with industry trends.
Bhavna S
Talent Acquisition, Business Development, Business Partner, Client Management, Public Relations

I have 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition in diverse industries. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Amazon , Deutsche Bank, MetLife Insurance, Cisco Systems , Cree Semiconductor etc.
I have experience leading and mentoring large teams, business development, client relationships, training Hiring Managers , streamlining broken talent management processes.
Nora C.
Project Management

Project Management professional with 15 years of experience with change management and product development in an international environment.

Experience developing IT certification products, courses, and accreditation programs. Thrives in roles when counted on to translate a strategy into actionable execution. For example, designing and implementing new and improved business processes, or designing, producing, and launching a new product. As a team leader, known for being able to adapt management style to the needs of team members.
Jenny A.
Community Organizer/Activist

After Certified Sustainable Building Advisor coursework, pivoted from film production to a sustainability consulting firm and its online community, Proactive and dedicated to community, finds ways to integrate a green perspective while serving on the Canton Conservation Commission and the Democratic Town Committee. Able to navigate and create allies within local government structures for win-win scenarios. Helped to spearhead a large-scale community planting project called Collinsville Pollen Trail, recently honored by the Town of Canton.
Jamain N

Motivated professional with experience in operations, recruiting, talent development, community building, and executive administration. Highly proficient, organized, and innovative in bringing efficiency, employee engagement and retention. A highly-motivated employee with a desire to take on new challenges. Strong worth ethic, adaptability, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Adept at working effectively unsupervised and quickly mastering new skills.
Jenn H
Financial Planning and Analysis

Finance leader with a proven ability to lead Planning and Analysis teams that incorporates all the complexities that go into your business in a simplified way so your leadership can make data-driven decisions to achieve your strategic priorities in the short term and long term.

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