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Talent Profiles

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Nancy A
Marketing/Administrative Professional

Highly organized and motivated marketing and administrative professional who delivers timely support ensuring customer satisfaction. Experience in business, education and manufacturing offers a strong background to meet company goals.

Krishna S
Data Analyst/Test Engineer

I am an IT professional with a focus on data analysis and test engineering in healthcare. I leverage my strong track record of confirming data accuracy, optimizing systems to better Healthcare solutions. I am passionate about learning new technologies and applying them in real-world scenarios.

Sarah Blecher
Strategic Digital Marketing Consultant

Award winning digital marketer and brand strategist across diverse industries with a career defined by uncovering insights and crafting high-impact multi-channel marketing programs that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Angela F
Regional Coordinator, Health Equity

Health Equity and Program Manager with strong experience in health equity program development, community outreach oversight. Uses diverse strategies to reach high SVI, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other under resourced communities.

Abbey H
Integrated Communications

Corporate communications leader with expertise delivering integrated communication plans that support corporate transformation and change management initiatives across diverse industries. Translates complex information into engaging content, drives strategic business objectives, and builds synergistic relationships with key stakeholders.

Stacey M.
Executive/Administrative Assistant

Highly-supportive office administration professional and executive assistant with experience in a variety of environments from small family-owned businesses to corporate giant Disney/ESPN. Attributes a strength in supporting and organizing a team from valuing clear communication and open collaboration to achieve goals. Enjoys finding innovative workflow solutions to help make a team successful.
"Let me help you get where we need to go."

Anju O
Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Influential business development executive who builds and connects strategic clients and partners to product innovation and operations, driving double-digit revenue growth. A C-suite consultant, driving strategic priorities, accelerating from launch to scale (10X company growth in 5 years). Leads with energy, optimism and actionable plans of execution which rally the customers, executive management, and downstream teams.

Maryann B
Chief of Staff | Project Management Consultant

Hands-on strategy, operations, and program management leader with experience in Chief of Staff, operational IT strategy, and Project Management leadership for corporate and non-profit entities. Adept at connecting the dots of multiple initiatives and opportunities to enterprise vision and transformation.

Works at the intersection of IT, operations, and data management organizations. Deep experience executing technology and organizational transformation initiatives. Two recurring themes are: stabilizing technology operations (portfolio management, financials, vendor management, project execution) and leading PMOs (Project Management Offices) across Fortune 100 and private equity owned companies.

Jessica B.
Educator / Trainer

I am a professional passionate about technology, sports, and lifelong learning. I currently share these passions with my elementary aged students. In my classroom, students use technology to create, problem solve, share and build relationships. I emphasize creation over consumption. I have organized, improved resources and assisted in decision making processes for my district's Educational Technology department.

Through independent research and social media presence, I have gained a tremendous amount of resources to enhance our curriculum in which I share with my colleagues weekly. I have provided professional development both formally and informally for many educators on a variety of technology applications. I have also created videos to showcase whole school events for parents and community members to appreciate.

I am seeking opportunities where I can share my enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for technology applications.

Roshan Fathima M
Data Analyst

Data Analyst who collects, analyzes, and interprets large datasets to develop new data models and perform data analysis. Hardworking and passionate job seeker. Ready to help team achieve organizational goals. Extremely motivated to continuously develop current technical skills and grow professionally.

Denise J.
Operations Manager | Healthcare

Healthcare Operations Director with expertise in employee benefits programs and how clients access healthcare and wellness opportunities. A deep understanding of the cycle of benefits from client enrollment to care, coverage, and claims.

Able to identify root cause issues and improve processes. Working in a union environment and at a healthcare clinic, persuasively influences external and internal stakeholders to reduce waste and eliminate barriers to care access.

Marinka N
Data & Analytics, Transformations, Change managdment & Business Development

Helping leaders and companies understand how to capture and transform their data to better server their clients, increase the effectiveness and efficiency and quality of their products & services, operations, communication and delivery.

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