Talent Profiles

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Didi M

Hi I am Didi Matregrano ‘I am a talented and enthusiastic. I am currently seeking a position to take my career to the next level.’

Maggie B
Household Manager

I am looking for a remote position. I love helping people and making things easier for others. I have great creative energy and can adapt to many roles quickly and easily.

Ashley M.

I am a professional who has spent the past twelve years as an English, Journalism, and Yearbook teacher, with additional experience as a social media manager. I am an ambitious and dedicated individual and offer many skills that can fit in a variety of occupations. In my careers, I have been in charge of developing creative and engaging curriculum components and brand design, providing thorough instruction and communication, managing diverse groups, and annually developing / editing the publication of the school yearbook. I also have strong skills with various technological platforms. I am proficient in Google and Microsoft applications, editing/publishing programs like eDesign / InDesign, editing applications such as Adobe / Canva, and various social media platforms. I consider myself an efficient multi-tasker and a strong problem-solver, exhibiting professionalism in all things I am involved in (whether it be independent or as a team). These are altogether essential skills I would carry over into any job position.

Ashley A

Dedicated police detective with experience in investigating youth crimes, crime scene processing, community outreach presentations, knowledgeable in criminal law. Liason between Westport Board of Education, DCF, JRB and Juvenile Court. Member of the Norwalk multidisciplinary team and Internet crimes against children Connecticut.

Keely M.
Nonprofit Leadership & Social Change Agent

Leader in building environments for communities to thrive, leveraging existing resources and developing partnerships to holistically address critical social, educational, and health issues. Expert in needs analysis, root-cause problem solving, & creative advancement innovation.

Bessie V
Human Resources

Skilled professional with ten years of experience in human resources, finance, and strategic planning at UTC (now Raytheon). Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Active civic leader for the past 18 years. Looking to relaunch my professional career in Human Resources.

Milena S.E.
Outreach/Program Management/Partnerships Management

Program, Outreach and Partnership Manager with significant experience in Small Business, Higher Education and Non-profit, leading successful mission-driven programs, building strong diverse partner networks, designing and delivering impactful educational content. Skilled at developing and managing programs, training and mentoring, making connections, building win-win partnerships.

Alicia P
Creative Content Writer/Producer

Results-focused creative professional with expertise in storytelling, developing content, scriptwriting and supervising all elements of producing short and long-format. Proficient in following projects through from concept to final release. Proven leader with ability to oversee a team and distribute assignments to meet strict deadlines. Thrives independently and collaboratively. Possess critical decision-making strengths with dexterity in interviewing/directing on set and in the field as well as supervising post-production.

Robin F.
Business Development / Communications

A versatile business development professional, media executive and project implementation manager with a portfolio of roles in large multinational corporations, media organizations and consultancies. Brings a deep history of experiences from travels and working in collaborative environments with global teams, and has developed all the soft skills that can generate strong results.

Lisa G.
Administrative & Operations Professional | Legal Assistant

Dedicated office manager and legal support professional with a strong love of numbers and bankruptcy law expertise. Deep experience includes real estate purchases and sales experience. Proven track record of managing small building financials, maintenance, accounting records, and payroll. As an office manager, provides everything from bankruptcy trustee admin support to staff supervision, billing and collecting account receivables.

Tina B. W.
Business Development & Customer Experience Professional

Customer Experience professional who is solution driven and understands customer needs. Diverse experience in Marketing, Client Management, and Procurement in foodservice. Skills easily transferable to other industries. I love learning and transferring knowledge through mentoring and team building.

Viviane R

A bilingual, focused, results-oriented, dynamic professional brings a background in communications and global perspective to the healthcare field. Skills include first-rate time management, strong organizational abilities, a keen eye for detail, quality control analysis and problem-solving.