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Fearless Job Search

Excited to share that Jennifer Frederick will join Kathy McAfee, America's Marketing Motivator, and creator of the Fearless Leader Program at this month's JETS Schmoozer's Event!

Potential Inc., uses her transferable skill gained in communicating the USP of Fortune 500 products to uncover and showcase candidates' unique talents. Attendees will learn some of the strategies she uses with Untapped Potential Inc. connecting "hidden talent" to job opportunities and facilitating the return-to-work talent who left the workforce for caregiving.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: These experts will give you practical tools and strategies for taking on a FEARLESS JOB SEARCH. Whether you are returning to your caliber, pivoting due to Covid, or wanting to step back to manage your family, YOU are the leader of your career, and within you lies a courageous person who can take charge and make this search the best one yet! How often do you find yourself in the following situations?

  • Hiding behind your laptop sending out resumes to black holes vs. having live conversations?

  • Avoiding the Linkedin platform because you do not want to "produce" content or appear to bother former co-workers?

  • Reading endless job descriptions that all run together and figuring out how to position yourself for each opportunity?

Do not miss Kathy and Jennifer's ZOOM presentation!

Wednesday, April 27

8:30 am Networking, Elevator Pitch Practice

8:55 -11:30 Presentation

Brought to you by JETS, Jewish Employment Transition Services


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