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Untapped Potential is excited to host, Kathy McAfee, America's Marketing Motivator and creator of The Fearless Leader program. She will be our featured speaker for our upcoming Mentor Mingle highlighting "The Art of Networking".

Known as America’s Marketing Motivator, Kathy McAfee works with organizations to help them build more robust, diverse leadership pipelines, and with individual professionals who want to be known as experts in their fields. Through her coaching, training, and speaking services, Kathy helps people build more meaningful careers, stronger personal brands, and successful businesses and teams. She is the author of multiple business books, including Networking Ahead, and the creator of The Fearless Leader, an 8-week group mentoring virtual program designed to get your career, business and life back on track. As a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion, Kathy focuses her energy and influence on empowering women and "hidden leaders" to reach higher levels of leadership and success in the business world and beyond.

Mentor Mingle: The Art of Networking

Wednesday, September 22nd

7pm - 8:15


Learn more about Kathy at her website.

Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn.



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