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skillUP | SharePoint Basics

SharePoint, Office 365, One Drive, Libraries and more!

Have been out of the workforce for the past few years, these terms may sound like gibberish! If you are wondering, what these all mean and what will I need to know about them to do my work, then check out this course.

This is not for someone who wants to break into STEM, but if you want to be able to access your work, share it and communicate using the right 'office jargon' this information is for you! This is a "beginner tutorial"!

FREE! No technical or IT experience is required!

At Untapped Potential, we bring you the latest skillUP opportunities that fit a Mom's lifestyle and time budget. This opportunity: SharePoint Basics Beginner Tutorial is perfect for Moms getting ready to return-to-work as it is familiarizing you with the jargon of the workplace today.

This skillUP training is for women who are considering returning to the workplace and want to familiarize themselves with one of the highest potential platforms your future employer may use. You'll learn the terminology of the tools used by Microsoft Office.

Join those in the Untapped Potential community working to skillUP! Knowledge is calling something by its name.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” ― Confucius Read more quotes from Confucius

Just because you have not been exposed to these tools and their 'names' does not mean you do not have knowledge, but by knowing their names you will grow your wisdom and with the right name, you will grow confidence as well as your perceived currency.

SharePoint Basics


Free, Flexible, start with one and keep going



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