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Is UI the path for you?

Untapped Potential Inc. likes to broaden your horizon on what could be a potential path for your second-stage career following your stay-at-home Mom career.

We research 'hot' in-demand fields. Recently one of our Candidates transitioned from retail/customer service to UX. What is "UX"? "UX" stands for 'user experience'. And, that means...designing a web interface to provide a pleasant or desirable "experience" for the intended user. See Alicia's background (link), she launched as a UX Designer at Travelers Alicia highlighted that she was drawn to the perceived 'techy' field because it relied in part on psychology. I argue that to be good in customer service fields or UX, you need to have empathy for the 'customer'.

To get a deeper dive into UX as a potential career path, we invite you to tune into an upcoming virtual summit, Women In Tech Summit (WITS) where speaker, Kathryn Grayson Nanz, Developer Advocate of Progress Software shares her conviction that you can pursue a path of Design (User Interface). Her talk titled, "Learn Enough Design to be Dangerous" is an on-demand video that initially will air on April 26th.

Kathryn shares, "I hear lots of folks in tech say "Oh, I could never be a designer; I just don't have the eye" – and I'm here to tell you that's simply untrue."

Design IS a skill that can be LEARNED, just like anything else! Even Moms that opted out of the workforce prior to UX degrees being a 'thing' can learn it!!

A designer's full responsibilities are complex and multifaceted; Kathryn's talk won't teach you everything you need to know to get a design job tomorrow. However, it WILL go over design basics in a straightforward way, for individuals who want to create UIs that don't look terrible or just want to ease and improve communication with the designers they work with.

"Learn Enough to be Dangerous"

Tuesday, April 26th

9:00am - 9:45am

On-demand Video


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