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LinkedIn | Getting Started

Many of our Untapped Potential community opted-out prior to LinkedIn being such a "thing" for networking. In fact, networking wasn't necessarily a "thing" required for those in the workplace. While many Mom's just want to get back to work, networking via apps such as LinkedIn are part of the process. Today, it is critical to be there and to develop your presence over time. While signing up and entering your info might seem pretty straight forward, many feel like there must be a ‘right way’ to get started.

Even if you are not in 'job search mode', there is value to having a presence on LinkedIn while you are focused on family. Especially with our upcoming Mentoring Events, you'll benefit from having a way to connect with Untapped Potential's Mentors.

Our Coffee will touch on the topic focusing on how to get started. We'll give you the in's and out's of LinkedIn from the perspective that makes sense for you at this stage of your career lifecycle.

Untapped Potential Coffee

Thursday, May 12th




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