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I think new industries are perfect for Moms seeking to return-to-work because it is a level playing field. Whether you were in the workplace for the last 10 years or not, unless those in the workplace were programming machine learning for robotic tool control or something, they really do not have a "leg up" compared to #stay-at-home-moms.

The last session of our partner Our Second Inning's session of the Data Analytics Course was focused on machine learning and AI. We learned how to set up a up a training environment and free tools available to all to achieve AI.

Today, business come to UNTAPPED POTENTIAL describing their business needs where you, as a returner can apply specific AI skills. We are getting exposed to new roles and how they break down in both Data Capture and Integrity, Training and Analytics to achieve Artificial Intelligence objectives.

We recommend you become AI fluent. Skillup in Artificial Intelligence so you come to your return journey with in-demand skills. It often is a flexible, remote or hybrid role.

Here is a FREE sampling of INTRODUCTORY micro-learning courses to get started!

Sourced from one of our stellar Mentors, Colleen Bielitz, Ph.D., A VP - SIO - Strategic Initiatives & Outreach of Southern Connecticut State University and focused on google as the technology provider.

💡Al for Anyone >

--> learn what AI is and how it works.

 💡Intro to Generative Al >

-->what it is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods

-->covers tools to help you develop your apps

 💡Intro to Large Language Models >

-->explores what large language models (LLM) are, the use cases

-->how you can use prompt tuning to enhance LLM performance.

💡 Intro to Responsible Al >

--> what responsible AI is, why it's important

-->introduces Google's 7 AI principles.

You do not need to master to participate in this growth sector. Get started and you will be in the position to shape the future of an industry while unleashing your untapped potential.

After you gain exposure to this new field play around with it with these AI Hacks for Moms.


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