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Is Scrum Master a Path for You?

I love when the planets 🌍 align...

Many degreed professionals who hit pause on their #careers may feel they need to take a step backward. But there are in-demand roles that not only value but leverage the skills parents glean while #caregiving.

#scrummaster is one of them!!

Hence the planets align for women returners to #returntowork at caliber in this in-demand career.

Our Second Innings Instructor, David Alberts, and Lean Agile Coach, Betsy Layman, share the ins and outs of this role.

We at Untapped Potential Inc. are fond of the Project Management field, and Scrum Master roles in particular, as both seem so closely aligned with the soft skills homed in parenting. In fact, here is David's description of his job on LinkedIN. If you substitute the word "team" with "child or "family" you'll see what I mean.

Scrum Master Responsibilities:

Facilitating my teams’ progress toward their goals. I constantly engage my teams and challenge them from their old norms of development while keeping the teams focused on their goals of the iteration. Lead the teams’ efforts in continuous improvement: Help the teams remain creative and productive while ensuring their successes are visible to the product owners. I facilitate a team Sprint Retrospective to help the teams improve, ensuring that they take responsibility for their actions and helping the teams become problem solvers for themselves. Enforce the rules of the Agile process: The rules of Scrum are lightweight and flexible, but they are rules, nonetheless. Eliminate any impediments that may be blocking issues for the team that are beyond their authority or that may require support from another team.

The similarities are ASTOUNDING! It opens up a world of possibilities! The salary range in Hartford is somewhere around $95-160k. It is a flexible job often done remotely.

Our speakers bring a wealth of experience.

David Alberts, an educator at our Partner, Our Second Innings, LLC., as well as an Enterprise Resource Planner and Scrum Master at Cigna, has been in the IT field for over 35 years. He began his career as a business analyst and later moved into the role of SQL developer. When Agile methodologies were first introduced, David's role was initially mapped to that of a Product Owner but he quickly transitioned into the role of a Scrum Master & Agile Coach. He has coached numerous teams as they completed Agile classes and continues to support them through their Agile transformation.

Betsy Layman (IN) of Excella Consulting brings her perspective as a Lean Agile Coach with a background in systems and process engineering. She focuses her organizational transformation work on developing agile leaders and empowering autonomous teams to innovate, respond to change, and perform at their highest levels possible.

Let's recap:

✅ values your skills

✅ team/relationship oriented

✅ rewarding compensation

✅ flexible/remote

What is not to like? Tell us.

Is scrummaster the path for your returntowork? Does it meet your needs for flexible work while in your return-to-work journey following caregiving? To learn more about David Albert's upcoming self-paced course developed with Untapped Potential's women returners in mind.

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