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Recap | IT, Data Analytics and Cyber

Opportunity, curiosity and the human element were key themes at our Return to Work session focused on the IT, Data Analytics and Cyber industries. Learn about the unique roles common to these growth industries and the skill sets needed. Those in their #returntowork journey got to hear from those working within these growth fields.

Following the powerful stories of successful returners in data analytics entities and rsources with a backgorund in IT, th audience heard the perspective of those that really undstrand the drivers for growth and skills necessary for entry into these industries.

IT, data, cyber and now, AI are prevalent throughout the roles of business. Whether HR, Customer Service, Product development, procurement, supply chain, marketing, you name it - you are crossing paths with technology. Yet these roles are highly communication-oriented and align with the soft skills gleaned during parenting.

We learned the various sub roles within data analytics and where there is a good match for transferable skills as well as growth for our talent.

See the replay. Passcode: E+jSRSG3


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