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Whether you are in sales or not, when returning to work if you have anything to do with a customer, you likely will interact with a 'Customer Relationship Management' tool.

Have you heard of it? More often, it goes by the resulting acronym: C.R.M. It may seem new, but every company has always had one. It may have been the owner's brain, those old carbon copy customer phone message notepads or a stepwise process executed in Excel. Every company may not have realized that they had a process that their prospects followed or varied from following but there were definitely steps that led to a sale. Using a modern CRM system has become common place in many businesses to leverage data and the computer to automate customer relationships or touch points.

I often preach that no matter what field you work in HR, Sales, Marketing, or Customer Service, you will cross paths with technology. CRM is the technology for sales and for customer service. In fact, our very first placement was to support the roll out of a CRM at a Client Company. Our Mentor prepped her based on her experience in Salesforce the night before her interview and she got the role.

By 2026 over 9.3 million jobs are expected in the global Salesforce ecosystem!

Is this the path for you?

What roles? Who is this for:

  • Sales Resources, Business Consultants

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Customer Service

  • Product Roles (system admin, architect)

If you want to get back-to-work, get exposed to a common CRM is smart no matter what industry you left. The fact that growth industries are deploying this tool to support their sales growth makes it a good go-forward tool to at least get exposed to. Check out this upcoming event to share more about CRM in general and Salesforce specifically. This is a virtual half-day event to expose you to the path of learning about their application and to see if getting credentialed is the right path for you. This session you all the tools to find your way if it's the right career path for you.

You'll get exposure to the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Salesforce Fundamentals

Thursday or Friday (Jan 18 or 19th)

2pm EST


**RSVP by January 17th

Email for more info.


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