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Our new look

Our New Logomark

You may have noticed we are sporting a new look…since a picture is worth a1,000 words, let me introduce Untapped Potential and what we’re about through our logo.

See the two colors used in our Logomark? Each represent a different party that benefits from Untapped Potential: businesses that benefit from access to talent and women who benefit from support as well as connection to opportunity. For business, it is about the Potential value our talent can add to your business goals. For talent, it is about you or "U" and lifting you UP, reigniting your professional side at this point in your life. We work to untap your professional potential, bringing it to market.

Seen another way, the differing colors in the circle represent one’s professional self and one’s caregiving self. The two colors thus signify phases of a woman’s career life cycle, often pivoting from professional work to supporting family to return to a professional contribution. Untapped Potential values both of these parts of women’s lives, motherhood/caregiving and professional life, including women transitioning between the two. We support women while they are seeking work-life success.

The detailing within the circle is also important to notice. The connectedness of the dovetailed interface showcases Untapped Potential's role in connecting business-needs to talent and also in connecting women to professional opportunity. This connectivity creates a view of continuous motion that highlights the cyclical nature of life of the female experience, often cycling through phases of professional work to supporting family and then to return to a professional contribution.

Stepping back and seeing the two colors form a complete circle, emphasizes the encircling community of support with peers, mentors and coaches cheering our Candidates on. Thus, it signifies our Let’s Navigate this Together attitude.

The arrow in the “U” speaks to the empowerment and uplifting aspect of UP:

  • progressing gender equity for all in the workplace,

  • elevating the value of caregiving for our next generation and

  • advancing businesses who hire women returning.

We believe in lifting women UP!

Along with the new look we have a new tag line:

We advance business and reignite careers using a two-sided model.

First and foremost, we focus on advancing business. That means delivering value to business, value through returning talent - talent we know increases the bottom line. Increasing industries' pipeline for women in senior roles, impacts equality. Returning our educated-experienced talent to the workplace enables growth (an increase to our collective Gross Domestic Product or GDP). To do so, we must advance business from the industrial age to the information age. Advancing business to a place where women can take a seat at the table in leadership roles from which they can authentically lead with their strengths - many of them gained from caregiving. Advancing Business means influencing workplace change.

Untapped Potential is reigniting careers. We value parenting as a step in one’s career. You are a caregiver and you are a professional. We believe it takes only a small stepping stone for caregivers to assimilate back to their professional caliber. Thus, we lift women up with the critical steps educated-experienced professionals need. Our programmatic approach is devised to remove the bias and barriers caregivers face, while reducing the friction that keeps women from re-engaging. We reignite careers at the right level, understand logistical issues, and provide skill up opportunities. We don't limit the conversation to what you did before, we focus on new career aspirations and new market opportunities. This is reigniting careers with a growth mindset, not a limiting constraint.

Whether you are a forward-thinking business or a caregiver returning to your professional self, Untapped Potential creates a circle centered on YOU in a supportive and uplifting way.

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1 Comment

As a new Registered Nurse, mom of a 12 yrs old, and trying to go back to the workforce -it has not been easy. Happy to share that I have joined several UP events, on Oct. 12th, 2022, I attended an UP event, "Negotiate with Confidence," with speaker, Joshua N. Weiss, PH.D.

I'm blessed that via this event, I gained many valuable tips, such as, how essential it is to "be prepared with a specific goal." "Be adaptable to unforeseen circumstances, and take a different approach, if needed, to reaching your objectives." A powerful one, which is, “do research of the potential predictabilities’, know what it is that you are looking for and the industry’s standard for your role.”



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