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skillUP | in the Metaverse

Want to learn more about the Metaverse? It is something I am really curious about.

What is the jargon and what could it mean for you in your return-to-work? May be you will get ahead of the curve, dive deeper and return to work with skills more 'current' then those that stayed in the game! These are the jobs of the future that we cannot even predict!

Untapped Potential shares this opportunity to learn or skillUP from TECH UP for Women!

TECH UP For Women is a hub for resources, education and technology trends that works to "tech up" women in business in all industries to ensure gender equity.

This event focused on the METAVERSE.

Moderated by: Regina Umbach, Meta

A Panel with frontrunners in creating metaverse experiences within the corporate world:

*Laura Warnier, GoStudent

*Marika Arvelid, Eon

*Anne Stilling, Vodafone

Friday, Sep 2nd

10:00AM EST (14:00GMT)


Catch the REPLAY here.


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