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Celebrate Untapped Potential's 7th Anniversary!!

The UP Community is marking 7 years of success removing the barriers of a gap in experience and returning women to work! Networking is key to that success, both in building the business relationships that foster opportunity and in finding mentors who can share their wisdom. This Thursday, 8/25 mentors and candidates will join us for our Mentor Mingle: "Fearless Networking: How to expand your influence and diversify your network."

For all women in various stages of their opt-out/opt-in journey, and those in industry ready to level up their networking - this is an event fit for all! We're delighted to collaborate with Kathy McAfee to bring guest speaker Chi Chi Okezie's expertise to the UP community on Thursday, August 25th.

In this interactive discussion with Chi Chi, we will explore:

● The benefits of having a diverse network ● Four strategies for diversifying your network ● Case Study: A golfing experience ● How to Mentor Mingle

This event is a great opportunity to share your professional aspirations with others ‘in industry.' It's also an opportunity to learn more about the importance of recognizing the current diversity in the workplace and how we can all benefit from welcoming a more inclusive professional environment.

Chi Chi will share how networking outside of our own cultural perspectives can empower colleagues and invite gainful insight to a company's production. Through Chi Chi's guidance, candidates are encouraged to put their new learning into practice and branch out of their comfort zone with UP's community and speak to fellow peers they can learn from.

Candidates will learn how to best connect with clients and companies that can get them where they want to be, leaving them enlightened and better equipped.

Be sure to join UP for this online FREE event serving our community of 'opt-out' Moms here!


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