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Learnings from Lift UP Event

UP's 4th Annual 'Lift Each Other UP' on Nov. 14th was inspiring thanks to our panelists Karen Buell, Kristina DiMartino, Yogis Nijhon and Jill Wallace sharing their heart-felt advice and experience. Attendees enjoyed the incredible setting and food of host Metro Bis Restaurant.

From Karen we learned about the true juggle working Moms face and how to give yourself grace in the rush. Don't focus on the quantity of time you're missing, carve the time you do have to take a breath, into moments of connecting and quality time. Yogis discussed keeping an open mind to leadership roles even if timing doesn't seem right. Finding a job that fulfills your work goals is a direct contributor to overall personal satisfaction and important to model to your children. Jill spoke about her journey to return and how critical participation in UP events was the key to getting her work jargon back and updated for today's environment. Kristina encouraged us all with the classic directive, "Don't underestimate your value," while letting us know that the work-life balance is different in companies today and can be inclusive of the needs of a working caregiver.

We left with practical advice, honest discussion about the tough parts, and the knowledge that we can all forge the path that is right for us. The discussion after the panel was so lively, with women helping women, we even saw the networking spill out into the parking lot in 20 degree weather! Tap into what YOU can do and continue the conversation (inside) at our next event!


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