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"There’s no arguing that the 9-to-5, 40-hour work week... is gone. And it’s not coming back.” W

While it might be hard for many established companies to realize it, those that see acquiring top talent as a comparative advantage understand the above statement is true. The world of work is changing and Moms can be part of it! Educated professionals can craft a work-life that serves them and their families during those years when care-giving is time consuming. William Arruda’s article titled, "How Remote Work Is Changing And What It Means For Your Futurepublished in Forbes Magazine highlights the changing nature of our workplace. He states, “There’s no arguing that the 9-to-5, 40-hour work week, with your entire team located near you, is gone. And it’s not coming back.”

Our Pledging Partners seek creative ways to offer the flexibility needed whether via remote work or flexible schedules. While it was 3 years ago that IBM Redbook offered tools to enable other entities to pursue remote work "Combining Mobile and Business Process Manager: Personal space wins over office space!, they actually started it a lot earlier. I pioneered telecommuting at IBM in 1992, around the time Al Gore coined the term "Information Super Highway". I co-wrote a Master’s Thesis Paper in Organization Behavior titled “Telecommuting, A Prescription for Management” that I have only in paper copy! The advantages in productivity, employee loyalty and cost savings rang true not only for IBM as they converted world-wide sales to mobile/hoteling offices but are noted through repeated studies (Wikipedia). They also saw it as a need to adapt to the 21st Century Workplace of dual working couples.

Even though they and others are pulling back on telecommuting in 2017, those numbers will have a minuscule impact on the over 50 Million workers (offer 40% of the US Workforce) noted in 2012 (U.S. DOL). Untapped Potential works with pioneering companies that offer telecommuting roles in order to capture top talent. UP just matched and UP Candidate in a Flex-Return as a Virtual CFO! Apply here for the right fit in a flexible role for you...


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