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We are excited to share that Josh Weiss, Senior Fellow, Harvard Negotiation Project & Director, M.S. Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University is sharing his expertise in the subject of Negotiation.

Negotiating is a necessary skill as you re-enter the workforce. We believe both your pre-caregiving skills and the skills you have developed during your caregiving years have value. At the close of your Flexreturn™ with Untapped Potential Inc. you'll want to be prepared with the tactics to Negotiate YOUR Worth. No matter where you are in your career-life journey, negotiation is a valuable skill to hold.

Dr. Weiss has spoken and published on leadership, negotiation, mediation, and systemic approaches to dealing with conflict. Dr. Weiss’ newest book, to be published by Wiley Press, will be available in August of 2020 and is entitled The Book of Real-World Negotiations: Successful Strategies from Business, Government, and Daily Life. The book shines a light on real world negotiation examples and cases, rather than discussing hypothetical scenarios. It reveals what is possible through preparation, persistence, creativity, and taking a strategic approach to your negotiations.

Offered by

Wedensday, December 9th

7pm - 8pm

Via GoToMeeting


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1 Comment

 Candace F.
Candace F.
Dec 14, 2021

It was actually affirming to see and hear the presenters, particularly women, as strong leaders navigating their respective workplaces.


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