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Rolling into 2023!

As we s-l-o-w-l-y roll the dice into the New Year, we are going to take a gamble that it will be the best year yet!

For women, for returners and for Untapped Potential, 2023 will be our year! 2022 saw the balance of power shift to talent for the first time in our relatively recent past and the pandemic opened the eyes of our business leaders to "those with dual responsibilities" (A.K.A. Moms) and facilitated the advancement of 'work' in the information age (enabling work from home). Before we attempt to predict the future, first we should reflect on how far we've come. Reminding ourselves of our accomplishments, can be a powerful motivator spurring us to reach new heights. You, as part of our UP community -- your successes, your support, your return stories -- have been our WHY. Together we are impacting gender equality, creating opportunity for business, and overcoming the systemic barriers for returners.

2022 Highlights

When we kicked off 2022, we committed to making small changes or adopting 'tiny habits' toward our big goals. Here are some of those important small changes that we want to celebrate!

Celebrated 7th Anniversary of Advancing Business and Reigniting Careers!

CT Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz shined light on our mission kicking off our Return-to-Work Week Event

Key voice at HR Audiences at SHRM Conventions for CT, MA, RI & NY (Long Island) Chapters as well as multiple Industry Associations and Chamber Groups. Invited guest on Podcasts we love serving the community and benefitting women.

Supported the Governor's Council on Women & Girls, served as a test company for the state's Paid Family Leave's roll out and supported the working group for CT's Chapter of Million Women Mentors | Mentoring UP Committee

Forged relationships that bring value to business with Triumph Group, CT CPA's, Motorlease Corporation, MOVIA Robotics Inc, Connecticut Wealth Management and more!

Networked with those "in" getting out of comfort zone while supporting organizations such as United Way | Women United, Million Women Mentors, and the Hartford Boys Club SMART Girls Program

Grew our partnerships to deliver on our skillUP goals with Our Second Innings, Kathy McAfee, Founder of The Fearless Leaders Program and Unveiled, Bridging the Gap to Sponsorship.

Launched our new look with support of partner New Park Creative!

Remained agile with a remote-first team and offered hybrid events so our community could choose to attend in the best way for them -- and expand our reach nationally!

What are you celebrating?

Think about what you've accomplished. Maybe you found the perfect preschool, or successfully guided your child through the college admission gauntlet to a place they felt at home. Maybe you raised more money for the PTO than they'd seen in the previous two Covid years to get the budget back on track. You may have found just the right care team for your father-in-law so he can remain independent. Maybe you successfully hosted your extended family to celebrate a milestone birthday.

The project management, coordination, compassion, and executive influencing you have flexed in your personal life has direct links to skills sorely needed in the workplace. Different experiences provide diverse perspectives that help solve complicated problems.

Before you set Big Goals looking into the New Year, give yourself a pat on the back, a great exclamation, a "Whoo Hoo" celebrating your successes from your hard work to date.

Advancing Gender Equity Lifts All Women

Nothing affirms our work more than seeing our Candidates launch, our alumna advancing in their careers with promotions and hearing the heartfelt feedback we received through the Holidays! You are our Why!

While we celebrate small successes, we see safety, rights, and advances of women across the world challenged in new and...very old ways. As a part of the global community, and the sisterhood of women, we at Untapped Potential put our hearts into the mission to advance gender equity.

We act locally, to ignite a spark that spreads.

You can overcome the barriers to return and design a full career with great impact. What you do, matters. With each caregiver returned to paid work, we can impact the economic potential of one woman, which lifts a family, and creates the world we want to live in. One where caregiving is a valued part of the journey and seen as the incredible leadership values teacher it is.

We'll close with a little inspiration:

Ursula von der Leyen was just named No. 1 on Forbes 2022: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women List -- as President of the European Commission. Why is she pertinent? She was a physician in her first career chapter, a mother of 7 who took a career pause during the 4 years spent as a trailing ex-pat spouse. Her transition to political career kicked off in the late 90s after returning to Germany.

So set your Big Goal for 2023 and together we'll commit to do the micro steps, the work, to get there. See our upcoming events in 2023 that will help you do that work.


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