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Rachel Grace speaks at UP's "Me-Time" Event

Our "Me-Time" events allow our Candidates to focus on themselves professionally. This is a a mini 'getaway' to get started 'tapping into your professional potential'. The Event's topic will focus on "Crafting Your Why."

Rachel Grace, Chief People Officer of ConcertoCare and Principle of Grace Consulting Intl., LLC, will share her perspective on the importance of your Why and how aligning your purpose and your passion can lead to your true potential.

Grace only recently pivoted to the executive leadership of ConcertoCare, a leading integrated in-home care provider for adults and seniors with complex health care needs. She captures the "Why" of her career pivot here.

Rachel Grace is a human resources leader with over 20 years of experience partnering with executives to influence the design and execution of business strategies.

Prior to joining ConcertoCare, Grace was the Senior Director of Human Resources at Quest Diagnostics, where she expanded her experience beyond HR by assuming a commercial-facing role as a member of the Quest for Health Equity team. Grace has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and two master’s degrees from Rutgers University — a Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) and a Master of Labor and Employment Relations (MLER).

Untapped Potential is fortunate that in her spare time, Grace seeks opportunities to help others realize their potential.

Crafting Your Why

Wednesday, Aug 11th, 2021

8:15-9:15 PM


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