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Gaining Courage & Confidence!

What a pleasure to host Karen Senteio and Erin Lydon at our Mentor Mingle: Courage & Confidence!!

For this quarter's Mentor Mingle - where industry mentors (those in the workplace) support stay-at-home Moms seeking to return, pivoters and those in the 'messy-middle' seeking balance - all benefited from a tremendous discussion.

The chat was 'blowing UP' with those committing to bring their true selves to their return-to-work journey...unapologetically! And, to BET BIG on themselves, growing resilience from failure and thinking strategically about their next phase leveraging Poker via Poker Powher "I'm all in!"

"The Power of a Courageous Reset"

Karen shared that now, a period of post-pandemic/recovery, is a perfect time for a 'Reset': an intentional change that is aligned with your point of view.

She compelled us to focus on who we are so we can bring our true selves to our return-to-work journey...unapologetically! Many committed to use their core values to change the way they live, love and lead going forward.

"Poker: how a little card game is a game changer"

Erin shared her own journey in her career, taking a pause and returning to her caliber. She now runs Poker Powher which has real impact in empowering women, an empowerment movement!

As women are facing unseen setbacks during this inordinate time, she shared how Poker is the solution to get women 'back in the game'. Erin emphasized the common reason women don't play...we are simply NOT invited to the table!

We learned to take a 'seat at the table' literally and figuratively, regardless of fear. Go Big, make aggressive moves (make over-aggressive mistakes) fail, change your strategy, and gain valuable resilience from those failures. You do belong at the poker table and the board room! If you don't sit, you can't play. If you don't play, you can't win!

"This was amazing! Both presenters were engaging and I have a list of "to do's" - especially learning to play poker. I am looking forward to attending more networking and learning sessions."... Shari F.

Such great stuff! Want more?

Register for free, one-hour lessons. Also, she asks for introductions to your networks. Poker Powher offers corporate partners mentor/mentee, women's ERG, and growing leaders custom programs.

Thank you Karen and Erin!

Check out our upcoming events that work to empower women on their return.


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