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Your entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship is growing! Female entrepreneurs are on the rise as well. Whether you think it is for you or you simply want to learn more about it, there are many online resources to share more about it. We are a fan of Steve Blank’s Lean Launch Pad from, because it is how Untapped Potential Inc. got started.

In our recent coffee, Founder Candace Freedenberg shared how the Customer Discovery Process of Lean LaunchPad directly aligns to conducting Informational Interviews. By following the mindset shared by Steve in The Lean Launch Pad to your own future career path you will:

  • better define your skills to fit today's work demands

  • grow your professional network for yielding the role that matches your skills

  • skillUP in the industry you aspire to enter such that you gain current jargon and increase your confidence

Whether you tune in simply to listen to the portion dedicated to Customer Discovery or take the nano-course and pivot to a path of entrepreneurship - I am certain you will get value from this course.

It is like an MBA for starting a business in our digital era!


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