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Is CRM the path for you?

Is customer service a path for you? The acronym, now, used broadly, stands for Customer Relationship Mangement. There are a variety of roles in this growth industry.

Choose your path...

Administrator Architect Developer Marketer Consultant Designer

You'll have to take the quiz to see what your skills align to and then learn more about what these roles actually entail at a CRM provider such as Salesforce, hubspot, or Infusionsoft.

There are many roles some more technical than others where all may be a step in the process of automating the customer journey. The field brings together skills from sales, marketing, customer service and, of course, technology.

Whichever role fits you and your strengths, you'll want to skillUP in the latest office technology. when returning to work following a gap due to caregiving, it is a good idea to step back and survey the hot roles in the workplace today.

Why are these roles "hot"?

Demand for customer-focused roles is skyrocketing as companies need resources with a customer-centric mindset yet tech savvy in modern customer relationship management. Today, the role is more about customer data and learning from customer activity. The IDC Salesforce Economy Impact Report, Sep 2021 predicts that there will be over 9.3 million jobs in 2026! And, a 2022 study by Lightcast Research tabulates there are over 400,000 job posting.

Why do we like it as a career path for #returners?

First and foremost: growth. We like to focus on growth industries for our #return-to-work Candidates and as we said above this is not only a "hot" field today but it is growing

Second, transferrable skills. Not only the field leverage many of skills you own but the skill is transferrable from company to company or industry to industry. The key skills the role relies on such as strong communication, empathy, relationship building and process/project management are inherently stronger following time spent caregiving, chairing a PTO Event or managing family resources. For example: developing a "customer mindset" (putting yourself in the customer's shoes) relies on empathy which Moms have in spades! As far as transferability, many businesses, no matter the industry nor the size, are working to improve their customer experience with modern tools that improve process flow, employ automated processes along the customer journey and capture data for decision-making along the way. All of these businesses need more folks with skills and a focused mindset to deliver "customer success" now. If you learn CRM in one tool that may focus on enterprise customer data platform such as sap, oracle or management, you can apply that skill to another small business deploying the process in a holistic web interface system such as clickup, wix or keap.

Thirdly, this is a tremendous field to consider as a #returner because skilling up is so achievable. There are many self-paced tools that allow you to delve in on your on and get the right accreditations to compete for roles in the marketplace today. Examples include short courses in a particular aspect such as marketing automation, a study and prepare for a role/process like a certified adminstrator or become an expert in a particular software such as hubspot.

The fourth reason we like this career path is the pay. The roles pay from $60K to $150K depending on years of experience, indusry and what role you take on.

Take this quiz to see how your personality aligns. See simple steps.

1.Assess Yourself

2. Explore Career Options

3. Create a Plan and Skill Up


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