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Founder, Candace Freedenberg, Speaker at Industry Summit

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I was honored to be part of Women Of Water (W.O.W.) GET REAL Summit during the United Nations 2023 Water Conference. The limited natural resource of clean water was discussed in the news a lot during the week that spans the International Day of Observance for World Water Day of March 22nd, 2023. The discussion often highlights the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) is released each year around World Water Day.

It was important that UNTAPPED POTENTIAL spoke at the Event hosted by WaterCitizen Founder, Dr. Cat Shrier, CEO/Executive Director. Dr. Shrier brought together and an array of Speakers to focus on an issue so aligned with Untapped Potential's mission: How Women Water Professionals are Leaking From The Water Career Pipeline!

Can we make a difference?

We see the statistics quoted by McKinsey that labeled the term "leaky pipeline", but they are in aggregate. What is going on in each industry? If we focus on one industry at a time, can we make a difference for equity in the big picture?

WaterCitizen, a non-profit association serving the women of the industry, brought together Women Water Leaders from Utilities, Nonprofits, Tech Companies, and Associations to focus on issues and opportunities for women to succeed in the water community.

The Event offers Education, Engagement, and Empowerment Experiences in alignment with UN Water Live Conference. Through these Conversations, a hand-selected group of Women Water Professionals as well as other experts on Women shed light in the critical stages of the Water Career Pipeline including:

  • Raising Awareness of Water Careers for Girls and Young Women ("Recruitment") a- and the importance of Girls Scouts and Title IX for STEM! and other Water Fields

  • Entering the Water Professions and Initial DEI Awareness - First Jobs and Onboarding - and Planning Your Water Career ("Choose Your Adventure!")

  • Retention and Development and DEI Challenges - Barriers to Success and New Approaches to Creating Safe, Supportive Spaces For Women Water Professionals to THRIVE

  • Advancement and Leadership Within Your Organizations, Associations and Society

  • Alternative Pathways to Your Water Career including Entrepreneurship and "theMissing Link" -Career Re-Entry Programs in Water!

More on UN Water: The United Nations 2023 Water Conference and the Water Action Agenda will unite the world for water. The key building blocks of the Water Action Agenda are:

  • commitment to action

  • sustained and scalable implementation

  • follow-up and review processes

These blocks will enable replication and scaling up of what works and bring successful solutions to global scale The live event in NYC was held March 20 - 24, 2023 Monday - Friday. The objective of the conference is to Review the Implementation of the Objectives of the "International Decade for Action". See the full program.

It is not too late to watch the sessions in during the Encore!

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