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Celebrate Inclusivity

The Inclusive Leadership Impact Awards has been a passion project of Simone Morris of Simone Morris Enterprises LLC.

The SME Inclusive Leadership Impact Awards honor visionary leaders in Connecticut (CT), New York (NY), and New Jersey (NJ) who have made a profound difference in their workplaces, communities, schools, or non-profit organizations by championing inclusive leadership principles and initiatives. These contributions may encompass a wide range of endeavors, such as raising awareness, establishing inclusion-focused programs, spearheading fundraising efforts, and more!

Four categories will be recognized: Workplace, Community, Non-Profit and Youth. We are honored to have our Founder, Candace Freedenberg to be recognized as this year's recipient in the Workplace category. appreciate exceptional contributions and demonstrated Inclusive Leadership qualities have earned you this well-deserved recognition.

The Untapped Potential community can come together to celebrate the work done to advance business and impact workplace change so that women are not sidelined following caregiving . cngratulations on your remarkable achievement. 

Simone conceived these Awards following the social unrest as a result of the unfortunate death of George Floyd. She wanted to bring light to the good that was happening in the area of each award category. Focusing on exceptional contributions and demonstrated Inclusive Leadership qualities was intended to inspire change. This indeed is a purposeful recognition where the community can celebrate this success.

The Awards Ceremony and Reception will occur on November 2, 2023, from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. We are eager to celebrate your achievements in person, with your loved ones in the audience, to cheer you on. As a recipient, you will receive a complimentary ticket. For guests who wish to join this celebration, please purchase a ticket through this link.



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