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Candidate launched!

Cheryl W. launched at an Untapped Potential Inc Client Company following our Speed Interview Event.

As an Electrical Engineer with BS from Georgia Institute of Technology, on top of a BA in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance from NYU, Cheryl brought strong skills to the industry.

She had skilled up in modern IT technologies with certifications from LinkedINLearning in Agile Foundations Digital Marketing giving her the edge with our Clients at our Return-to-work Week for Women.

Her experience comes from top brand names like CBS News where she was instrumental in bringing the entity to the digital era. Learn more from Cheryl's Profile.

We appreciate forward-thinking companies like Vizionara, LLC. for attending our Return-to-work Week for Women to meet our talent! Founder Barbara DeLoureiro is a change agent for IT organizations and an advocate for Women in STEM. Her consultancy drives change in Fortune 500 entities from organizational planning, communications, development and training.

Barbara brought Cheryl on board as a Senior Consultant at Vizionara, LLC.


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