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Impacting Gender Equity

Untapped Potential Inc. is adding value to business while impacting gender equity in the workplace.

Hear from Candidates Marin R. and Cheryl W., both with a background in STEM, as they share their experiences launching with Untapped Potential Inc.

Marin, a Research Scientist and Programming/Data Science Professional with a degree in physics and experience in neuroscience and astrophysics launched in an engineering role with Triumph Group. With Triumph Group, Triumph Engine Controls Division, she is championing an expedited project.

Cheryl W. (link) with a double bachelors in Mathematics and EE as well as an MS Degree, she brings a wealth of operational and process management experience to Vizionara LLC., an IT Consultancy driving value and change in digital transformation.

They are on a glide path to success.

Join them!


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