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Applications Open!

Ready to Return?

On the heels of this historic and ongoing pandemic, with millions of women leaving the workforce because of the competing demands of work and home, we want you to know you can return to your caliber in a flexible way.

Since, 2015 Untapped Potential has been returning educated-experienced talent to their caliber following caregiving. Following the 2020 stay-at-home orders, the workplace had to finally pivot from the industrial age to the information age. With business leaders realizing the double-demand for parents with school-age kids, you'll return to a more understanding workplace. Hybrid and remote trends at our forward-thinking clients will ensure an easier transition to your professional stature.

Untapped Potential is advancing business and reigniting careers!

Untapped Potential is now accepting applications for our Flexreturn™ Engagement! We'll prepare you for our signature event, our Return-to-work for Women Week!

Through our Flexreturn™ Engagement you gain contacts, confidence, and skill currency in a position designed with the flexibility you need in mind.

We know the apprehensions one has when their current role is managing their family. UP works not only to match your skills and interests but also to meet your logistical constraints. Our Clients share a defined business need and are willing to host returners in either a flexible engagement or directly with full time opportunities. You decide what you can take on.

If you are not getting visibility in your job search using current job board online tools? We get your credentials to the top of their virtual resume pile!

Untapped Potential makes those that feel invisible, visible.

Terrific companies are realizing that those that took a break for caregiving are actually the reliable talent they seek but without Untapped Potential, they cannot access.



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