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Meet the Panel | Work Shift

Join us to take in a discussion hosted by the M&T Bank Center for Women & Business at Quinnipiac University on "Cultural Shifts in Understanding Work-Life Balance."

Our Untapped Potential Community knows first hand the trade-offs, compromises, and sacrifices that go into finding the optimal paid work situation that gives you professional and personal fulfillment. As an active problem solver working to overcome the barriers to work-life success as a primary caregiver, our founder, Candace Freedenberg will be one of four panelists assembled. We are looking forward to hearing everyone's unique perspectives on the topic.

Tuvana Rua, PhD., Co-Director of the Center and Associate Professor of Business Management at Quinnipiac University will moderate the well-rounded lineup. In addition to Candace, you'll hear from:

  • Yvonne Alston, Consulting Chief Culture Architect, Founder of Indelible Impressions Consulting, LLC, is a sought-after speaker who consults in workplace change to impact inclusive cultures. Indelible Impressions was created to provide strategic, data-backed DEI+B strategies to effectively make a positive, lasting impression for the good of organizations, individuals and society. The company guides those seeking to make DEI+B a critical part of their organization's fabric - moving DEI+B from something they do, to who they are. This includes diminishing professional and personal disenfranchisement of people who are often underrepresented and marginalized.

  • Ruth Freedman, Founder and President of Peace at Home, Parenting Educator and Psychotherapist, a Powerful Speaker and LCSW who understands the problems dual-responsibilities professionals face. Ruth's organization consults and offers services for Corporations to ensure parents are at their best performance. She has both an understanding of what business leaders are seeing as well as the needs most parents seek in order to be successful at work.

  • Paul Sullivan, Founder of Company of Dads and Former NYT Columnist.  Company of Dads unites Lead Dads to give them a forum and an outlet they have lacked until now. A lead dad is a dad who is fully engaged in raising his children, supporting his spouse or partner and working to keep the house together. More often than not, he has a more flexible work schedule than his spouse or partner. He is comfortable in his own skin. It’s a great role to have. But that’s not always the same as being comfortable telling his friends the extent of what a Lead Dad does at home. And perhaps because of that, he finds himself isolated at times – from other dads and certainly from stay-at-home moms.

Join us LIVE or VIRTUALLY on March 27th! 


The Event serves as a terrific opportunity for #returners to network with industry professionals while understanding how the culture of work is shifting towards meeting those with dual responsibilities.


Expect an enlightening discussion that is aligned with our mission here at Untapped Potential Inc. of advancing business and reigniting careers. Workplace change is needed to pivot perspectives on the career life cycle that allows for women and men to meet the caregiving needs of today's society. It is a critical aspect to get to #genderequity in the workplace as well as to retain #womeninSTEM.

Join Us. Attendance is free. All are welcome.

Wednesday, March 27th 

1pm to 2:30pm

Quinnipiac University | Main Campus | CCE 101

275 Mt. Carmel Ave.

Hamden, CT  06518


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