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All about "Flexibility"

In a recent report tracking talent trends globally, LinkedIN highlights that Work-life balance commands a greater weight when job-seekers measure a potential job opportunity. Stay-at-home Moms might not have 'opted-out' if that were a possibility in years prior.

"Employees are demanding — and quite often getting — more freedom to work where and when they want and more attention to their well-being." LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022

During the "Great Resignation" it has been called or the "Great Reshuffling" as it is coined in the report, the world of work may be finally exiting the Industrial Age and adopting methods that are enabled by the Information Age yet rely on trust and empathy to take hold. This is so important because it aligns with where we are from a gender equality standpoint. Where men and women both have professional and care giving responsibilities. All need flexibility.


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