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Anti-Racism Resources

Our services at Untapped Potential are open to all. Working in gender equity has opened our eyes to the way workplace systems can diminish or ignore contributions and accomplishments of women in unequal ways. How the systems for networking, promotion and referral at senior leadership levels have favored a model that is not easily accomplished while also holding a "primary caregiver" role. The fight for gender equity must also include how to make the workplace a more fair, just and equitable place for all.

We will continue to monitor and ensure UP is an accessible and safe space for all caregivers who want to return to work.

In addition, in our role as mothers, we must ensure we are actively teaching our children how to be anti-racist.

We have gathered some resources that have helped further our knowledge and ability to be anti-racist. Our efforts to return women to work categorically include helping to amplify and make room for a diversity of voices in the workplace.



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