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1/15 The Power of Setting Boundaries and saying "No"

Mastering how to say "no" is critical in order to manage the shift to your professional self.

FATHOM's next sip session asks that you bring an open mind, an open heart and a beverage to sip. In this session Nick Wagner will discuss how saying "no" and doing it the right way can help you set boundaries both at home and at work. This ability to say no and set boundaries will help you prioritize your life, eliminate distractions and ultimately enable you to reach your Full Potential.

It is an opportunity to network with those in today's workplace while gaining tactics to better manage your return-to-work.

About Nick:

Nick has had a diverse career as an entrepreneur, IT professional and now HR professional. He has been able to inspire people through mentoring, coaching, social media and now his family's non-profit.

Wednesday, January 15th


SPACES Blue Back Square 71 Raymond Rd, West Hartford CT

Sip Sessions are hosted by FATHOM.


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