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After graduating from the Univerity of Georgia, Sara moved back across the Mason-Dixon line to Boston and began a 15 year career in Finance Operations. The majority of her career was spent at Accenture in various global finance roles. In these roles she gained extensive experience in forecasting & planning, reporting, analysis, budgeting, and process improvements. Her work also included several special projects, one of which was the global rollout of Sarbanes Oxley in FinOps. Additionally, Sara spent time at a start-up in NYC where she helped to build their financial infrastructure and processes from scratch. Sara relocated to West Hartford and continued to advance her career while trying to balance the demands of two toddlers and work.

When her oldest was diagnosed with special needs, the decision was made to step away from her career and focus on leading the charge with early intervention. A planned 2 year career break quickly turned into 8 years. When the time was right to go back to a work she found herself with neither a clue, nor the confidence to navigate the murkey waters of career re-entry. She slowly started dipping her toe in those waters by attending Untapped Potential events and she credits UP with giving her the path, skills, and the confidence to once again pursue a career.

She has recently returned to a full-time finance position in the Military Engines division at Pratt & Whitney. She is embracing the challenge of learning a new role in a new industry and is thoroughly enjoying the camraderie that comes from being on a professional team.


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