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Untapped Potential is a virtual first company. We use zoom for screen share, meetings, etc. Now, our Candidates are doing virtual interviews with our Pledging Partner companies.

Not familiar with zoom? Here are our key tips for the set up for your best presentation...

1. Ensure natural light is on you, not at your back.

Avoid presenting this view.


Sit facing a window with natural light and put your laptop between you and the window.

Add light from other angles to supplement the natural light.

2. Position yourself with a clear backdrop behind you.

- a clear wall, multi-panel door

- if framed pictures or shelves, make sure they do not intersect your silhouette in an odd way

- an array of similar objects like a book shelf may or may not work

3. Put your camera slightly above or at eye level.

You know where the camera is on your phone. On your laptop or ipad it is dark circle on top, a green light emits when it is in use.

Make sure to position your laptop on books or other such that that circle is at your eye level.

4. Make eye contact with the audience.

Eye contact is so important. If you look at participants' image on your screen, you will be looking slightly away from the camera. In that scenario, you will appear to be avoiding eye contact.

How to make eye contact?

First, put a sticky note on the CAMERA saying ‘LOOK HERE’ to reind you to look at the camera.

Second, once in zoom, move the 'gallery' of participants to the top so that each participant is closer to the camera. Then when you speak, if you naturally look at them instead of the camera at least you will be looking in the direction of the camera.

Participants on the side. Participant gallery moved to the top.

You will receive a link to participate. Make sure you are familiar with options to mute, unmute and turn on or off video.

Other sources:

Video interview resource: (link)

Follow Zoom training (link) for more usage advice.


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