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Women in the Workforce 2021

To combat the effects of the Covid-induced decline in the female workforce, we’ll need to collectively redouble our efforts in this coming year.

2020 challenged us as business leaders, co-workers, friends, and parents. Likely all of you can put “agile in the face of ambiguous direction” on your resumes and performance reviews. We’ve curated our preferred zoom backgrounds, and developed lightning quick reflexes for mute or video off. We’ve bonded over bandwidth and comfortable masks.

Even if you have been lucky enough to keep your loved ones and co-workers healthy and have remained employed, you have seen the status quo in a new light. Full-time professionals and C-level executives are now privy to the magic and dynamism of good teachers and caregivers. Through a global pandemic, our collective perspective has shifted and we now can re-imagine the workforce we want to be a part of.

The pandemic illuminated increased pressures on women (dual-hatted caregivers), both in and out of the workplace. Women have dropped out of the workforce in unprecedented numbers and will give up gains in pay equity when and if they are able to return. The percentage of women CEOs has increased slightly this year, but hovers at 6% in the S&P 500. We are hearing about these alarming numbers, and can offer a solution for your company to retain their female talent. High attrition rates affect the bottom line. Untapped Potential can help you fight this national trend and make Connecticut a positive outlier.

As companies are shifting where and how work gets done, doors have opened for flexibility. We know that a future scenario includes our target demographic: experienced professionals seeking work-life success during and following caregiving.

Learn more about how you can support our work. This is the year to take action. Improve your gender equity numbers. Retain your female workforce. Our proven approach can help you meet your business needs and gender equity goals.

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