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What to expect at Return-to-work Event?

As a stay-at-home Mom, returning to work can be daunting. If you have gotten your children settled in their school environment, whatever that looks like this year, you may be pondering:

  • what's next for you?

  • where do you fit in the current workplace?

  • is now the time to explore your return-to-work?

Untapped Potential's upcoming Return-to-work Week for Women is an opportunity to explore what's out there in today's ever changing workplace. The workplace is more flexible than ever before due to the seismic shift in work imparted by the historic pandemic.

Join UP for a discussion about our coming Return Women to Work Week at this "Me Time" Telecon. No need to get dressed up for a video! Plan to share your core skill, your professional aspirations, and where you are in your career life cycle. Let's make sure you are ready to meet our business clients. We'll cover:

  • Elevator Pitch

  • UP Profile

  • Interview tips (especially for Return-to-work Week)

  • Networking (follow-up protocol, Interview Thank You's and LinkedIN)

We'll ensure you are ready and confident for the real client meetings scheduled the following week. Those that need more support to practice 1:1 or have their UP Profile reviewed will have the opportunity to request support and schedule appointments with the UP Team and Mentors at your convenience prior to the event.

It is a rare opportunity to have multiple exploratory conversations with real resources in industry! Often, those that opted out for caregiving, spend inordinate level of effort submitting their resume to job board applications without a live response. Even in this time of a labor shortage, it is hard for those with a gap to get to the top of the pile on a job requisition - never mind yield an actual meeting.

Attend one particular session that aligns with your desired industry direction or skillset base or attend the whole week. We know women often have multiple diverse experiences in their background and those with experience running a household and volunteering in the community bring a lot to the table. Our business clients know that too!

As CBS News highlights, "nearly 3 million women have opted out of the workforce due to the pandemic the gender gap in the pipeline for senior roles between has grown. Now is the time for your to explore your return and consider a mid-career internship such as our Flexreturn™ engagement so you will be well poised to deliver to the leadership that corporate America will require.

Our Pledging Partner Clients have pledged to measure you by your skills and experience and not discount you for caregiving. We ensure your short valuable time with them will not devolve to 'Why did you opt out?', 'What have you been doing during your opt-out years?', 'When was the last time you were paid?' Again, we encourage them to focus on the skills and experience you bring. We will share the types of companies we expect at our Return-to-work Week for Women. Join the discussion and bring a friend!

Wednesday, September 29th



Upon sign up, you'll get material to ensure you have everything you need for the upcoming session.


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