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Setting "UP" shop at The DISTRICT, New Haven

We are thrilled for our team member, Janet McCray!! She is grateful to be nominated for and granted the opportunity to set up shop at the co-work space: The DISTRICT New Haven! As UP spreads its wings into other markets, it will be fabulous for Janet to have that venue as her base of operation. The DISTRICT empower businesses by providing the space, resources and opportunities. Run by @David Salinas who has a passion to cultivate new and innovative economic ideas to help Connecticut thrive.

Janet has joined our team following her own Flexreturn™ Engagement at AMP (American Mural Project) leveraging her skills as a educator, community organizer and lawyer.

You can reach out to Janet and learn more about her goals for bringing the UP Community to the New Haven Region.

Learn more about The DISTRICT:

District's mission is to equip people and businesses with the space, resources and opportunities to make an impact. Learn more about District here


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