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Thrilled and Thankful!

Clockwise: Candace w/ Mike Vlacich, , Janet McCray and Catherine Marx; w/Catherine Marx, and (lower left) w/Denise Whitford and Ali Lazowski.

I am honored and humbled that Untapped Potential was recognized by the SBA as Woman-owned Small Business of the Year!

I was thrilled by this incredible honor from a community I value so much! U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro highlighted the impact Small Business Community has on the economy which was further amplified during the pandemic.

When Charlie J. Negaro of Atticus Book Store received the Family Owned Business of the Year Award, I was reminded of how my upbringing was grounded in Small Business. I lived on the property of St. Pierre Box & Lumber Co., a 60+ year family-owned small business started by my Grandfather, chaired by my Grandmother following his passing and then passed to my Uncle. I was also raised in the home of Bonnie Flattery School of Dance, a 20+ year Small Business of my Mother's. I am sure my "Pop" would have been proud at the Award Celebration. This Mother's Day, I reflected with pride on the accomplishments of my Mother who started her business at the age of 18 when women didn't have the opportunity to take out a commercial loan. Now, at nearly 80, she is returned to her teaching.

In addition to the receiving the Award from the Small Business Association, Awardees also received recognition from Senator Richard Blumenthal and United States House of Representative John Larson.

I appreciated the quote on Congressman Larson's recognition:

"In recognition of your outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment to business excellence. You have exemplified your resiliency, tenacity and superior levels of insight and reason in serving the Congressional First District and the State of Connecticut" John B. Larson, U.S. House of Representatives.

With the terms "resiliency, "tenacity" and "insight", the quote embodies the sentiment of our returners and our team! I was glad to celebrate the Event with Janet McCray, J.D. from the Untapped Potential Team at her home-base of The DISTRICT | New Haven. The hard work that Untapped Potential does to capture, ready and launch Moms to their caliber following caregiving cannot be achieved without the support of rock star team members: Jennifer Frederick, In-house Career Advisor, Keely McMullin, Regional Growth Director, Fairfield and Nicole Kodak, Marketing Operations. In addition to our current lean team, our Candidates benefit from past professionals passing through Untapped Potential on their career journey as well as industry mentors, advisors, coaches and partners!

We were joined by our Business Advisor, Denise Whitford of the CT-SBDC and got to cheer on fellow ReSET Entrepreneur Alumni, Ali Lazowski, Founder of Bare Life and recipient of the Microenterprise of the Year!!

I want to share my appreciation and thanks for Denise Whitford of CT-SBDC.She understood the 'big picture' for our business early and has continued to support us throughout the pandemic. It is so valued! Learn more of our progress with her as our Advisor at CT SBDC here.

For the benefit of all returning caregivers (Moms, Dads and those caring for our elders) and women seeking to manage caregiving while delivering for capitalism, please share your enthusiasm for this recognition for Untapped Potential Inc.

Follow us on facebook and LinkedIn, cheer Untapped Potential on and highlight our work!


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