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Ready to Tap into YOUR Potential?

Mingle with Mentors "in Industry" and return to work with Style and Confidence with our expert coaches!

We are excited to get together for our LIVE, quarterly Mentor Mingle Event! Those that have crafted their Elevator Pitch and are ready to experiment with new Networking Skills are encouraged to attend! Industry Mentors generously lend an ear and provide feedback.

New to Untapped Potential? Attend to introduce yourself! Benefit from those going through the same scenario.

Let's navigate this together.

The event featuring Consultant Mary Carangelo will focus on Styling with Confidence!

Mary is an entrepreneur and fashion therapist with expertise in building and regaining confidence. Meet our speaker!

MENTOR MINGLE (Ladies' Night Out)

Thursday, May 4th

7 pm

LIVE in person in West Hartford, CT (this event is at a private home, so the address is provided after signup)



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