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Rachel Schemmerlling Joins Coffee | Alternative Careers 4 Women

We're excited to welcome Rachel Schemmerlling, an entrepreneur and owner of Timeless Living Designs a Holistic Home Interior Design Company.

Rachel's love for design began at an early age. Growing up in Connecticut, in a 275-year-old Colonial-style home where her parents gave Rachel her first look into the world of home design that was to become a passion.

Now she works with busy moms to design eco-friendly, functional, serene, healthy homes that allow their families to have peace of mind and live their best lives.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Interior Design and a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of New Haven and certification by the Wellness Within Your Walls educational program.

On a personal level, it took a chronic diagnosis to want to learn more about the benefits of a slower lifestyle and to incorporate wellness-focused interior design into her life. It was this need for happiness in her surroundings that became vital for her own health journey. Rachel enjoys scouring antique and vintage stores to find hidden gems. As an art lover and historic home and hotel fanatic, she loves to explore and tour historic hotels, estates, gardens and museums. Rachel says, "I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and two great children, a son and daughter. I’m grateful for being able to do what I love and take pride in my ability to design with empathy and heart."

Along with Rachel will be: Tara Hall, Mimi Madden, Deon Stokes, Terry Walters, and Becky Vesce.



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