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Mimi Madden Joins Coffee | Alternative Careers 4 Women

UP is thrilled that Mimi Madden will be joining our April 8th Coffee addressing Alternative Careers 4 Women. Mimi has worked in the nonprofit sector in fundraising, program development, and strategic planning. From 2010-2014 she directed the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, CT, and currently serves as development director at American Mural Project (an UP Client Company).

A mother of six children, and a successful at re-turner herself, Mimi has been an incredible Mentor and an example to all of us returners!

As a holistic consultant focusing on the science of nutrigenomics, Mimi educates widely about the newfound ability to reactivate our cellular systems of antioxidants, mitochondria, and NAD. She'll speak on the success of stitching her passions together and the benefits of passive income from independent consulting.

Joining Mimi will be: Deon Stokes, Terry Walters, Rachel Schemmerling, Tara Hall, Becky Vesce.



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